Voluntary Disability Self-Disclosure Card

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration must make a card available that provides details on a person’s developmental disability. The card is completely voluntary may include guidance for law enforcement on how to effectively communicate with those with developmental disabilities.

In Vitro Fertilization Coverage

The new law enables unmarried people to have in vitro fertilization(IVF) covered by insurance. There are certain requirements that must be met, such as having three unsuccessful attempts at IVF over a year period. Married and same-sex couples must also wait to have the benefit.

Prostate Cancer Screening

Prohibiting certain insurers, nonprofit health service plans, and health maintenance organizations from applying a deductible, a copayment, or coinsurance to coverage for certain preventive care screening services for prostate cancer; and applying the Act to all policies, contracts, and health benefit plans issued, delivered, or renewed in the State on or after January 1, 2021

Baltimore Banning Plastic Bags

Plasticbagswill be banned from Baltimore City, effective Jan. 13. Businesses must charge at least 5 cents for alternative bags, according to theBaltimore City Comprehensive Bag Reduction Act.

Montgomery County Labor Law: 30-Hour Janitorial Guarantee

In Montgomery County,employerswill be required to guarantee 30-hour minimum work weeks for each employee working as a janitor, building a cleaner, security officer, concierge, door person, handy person, or building superintendent, effective Jan. 1, 2021.

Payment For Impounded Vehicles

In P.G. County, any person who has a vehicle impounded with outstanding vehicle tickets, must pay the full amount before the vehicle can be released.

Campaign Laws: Write-In Restriction, Caller ID

Two laws dealing with campaigns will take effect Jan. 1.

“This message has been authorized and paid for by (name of the payor or any organization affiliated with the payor), (name and title of treasurer or president). This message has not been authorized or approved by any candidate.”

Scooter Contact Info

Public Motor-Scooter and Low-Speed Scooter-sharing companies must display contact embossed, tactile contact information. This information must be available to certain individuals with nonvisual access consistent with federal standards.

Mattress Regulations

Prohibiting a person from importing, selling, or offering for sale any juvenile product, mattress, upholstered furniture, or reupholstered furniture that contains more than 0.1% of flame-retardant chemicals by mass; repealing certain provisions of law regarding the importing, sale, or offering for sale of any child care product containing certain chemicals; establishing certain civil penalties; requiring the Secretary of Health to consider certain factors in determining the amount of a certain penalty; etc.

Liens On Motor Vehicles

A release related to motor vehicle lien must be filed with the Motor Vehicle Administration within five business days of transfer (an extension from the previous requirement of three days) for the purpose of publicly available electronic vehicle records.

Life Insurance Reduction Option

People can reduce the face value of their life insurance policy as an option to retain coverage and prevent lapses.

Health Care: Bias Training

Implicit bias training will be established for health professionals involved in perinatal care.

The next session of the Maryland General Assembly begins on Jan. 13, 2021.

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