The Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission (SMADC) announced the release of the ‘Forestry’ Edition of the ‘Farms in Focus’ video series on Southern Maryland’s key agricultural sectors. 

SMADC’s latest video showcases the region’s forestry industry of flourishing professionally and privately managed woodlands and network of locally owned and operated logging companies and sawmills that together contribute more than $585 million towards the state and local economy and support upwards of 3,000 jobs. The combined efforts of these businesses produce well over 35 million board feet of lumber a year. 

The video follows the journey of Southern Maryland grown timber from forest glade to finished product and particularly highlights the interdependent business and personal relationships that are vital to the success and overall sustainability of the region’s forestry industry.

Interviews along the way with forest stewards, professional foresters and experienced loggers illustrate how careful forest management and judicious logging ensures that Southern Maryland’s forests are continuously replenished and remain vibrant renewable resources that provide not only valuable wood products, but also a treasure chest of added environmental benefits including wildlife habitat, cleaner air and water, erosion and climate control, and thousands of acres for recreational enjoyment.  

The forestry video is a wealth of information for landowners and farmers who are interested in establishing or developing woodland for timber, wildlife management, protecting natural areas or other goals. David Gailey, Regional Forester for Southern Maryland, explains how foresters of the Maryland Department of the Environment Forest Service can help to assess site and soils, recommend best management practices, and provide ongoing consultation for landowners to maximize the potential of their woodland. 

The ‘Forestry’ video and seven more previously released editions can now be viewed on the ‘Farms in Focus’ page at The video series covers all aspects of Southern Maryland’s diverse agricultural profile with a focus on the farmers, producers, the goods and the services of the region’s key agricultural industries. ‘Farms in Focus’ is produced by SMADC (a division of the Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland), and filmed by accomplished agriculture videographers Edwin Remsberg Studios. Visit for more farm resources and consumer guides.   

The “Farms in Focus” video series is made possible by a grant awarded to SMADC through the Rural Maryland Prosperity Investment Fund (RMPIF).

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