Our Spotlight on the Arts is shining brightly on Ann Preston!

We first met Ann quite a while ago, her ever-present smile and love for “all things art” in our community was our very first impression of our featured artist!

At California State University, Chico, Ann majored in art with an emphasis in ceramics and printmaking with the goals of becoming a high school art instructor. She worked in her desired career and very much enjoyed spending time with her students for just a year before relocating. Her husband’s job took them on travels all over the U.S. and even overseas where she found inspiring sources for her work both as an instructor and for her own creations. Despite living in many different places and between much packing and unpacking, Ann always found opportunities to work in her home studio and also to teach in a variety of settings both within the school systems and beyond.

Mrs. Preston’s largest inspirations have been color and shape, concepts which she has intertwined into her past and current projects. Her “Favorite Artists List” have included the expressionistic brushwork of Rex Ray as well as works by French painter and sculptor Henri Matisse. She also admires artist Anne Abgott, another creative soul who deals with rich color and bold shapes.

Ann Preston’s most frequently used medium is watercolor – she spends hours studying, designing, and painting pieces large and small and everywhere in between capturing subjects such as buoys, boats, flora, fruits and vegetables and much more. She also enjoys creating mono prints using more abstract shapes but still with vibrant colors, sometimes even creating collages from multiple prints.

Since retiring and moving to St. Mary’s County, Ann has been an active volunteer at Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center. For the past ten years she has greeted guests at the front desk and assisted at various special events, during part of this time she also worked as a paid staff member in addition to her volunteer hours. Ann’s artwork has been showcased at their annual Artsfest event as well as other exhibits on site.

Outside of painting, Mrs. Preston has also designed and created needlepoint canvases, however now that her family has grown to eight grandchildren from the east to west coasts her favorite “new” hobby is being a proud grandma and visiting with her family when able.

Be sure to visit the North End Gallery in Downtown Leonardtown (www.NorthEndGallery.com) to see Preston’s impressive work via options to shop either in-store or online. Ann has been a longtime member of this artists’ co-op and has been instrumental in assisting the members with the gallery’s latest renovations and remodeling. Also, follow @preston47 on Instagram to view her newest colorful creations!

Thank you Ann for being a treasured part of our artistic community!

(Photos provided by artist.)

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