There are several innovations of the past year that matter when indexing sites and that you should consider when creating content online. Of course, it is reasonable to remember the basic rules of creating qualitative content like high uniqueness, usefulness for the visitor of the site, and currency of the material. At the same time, if you want to attract more users, it is relevant to stay on the front burner of the SEO news.

1. Presence of UGC

The presence of user-generated content is a great possibility to attract new users and to make them loyal. If you own a website, it is always a good idea to make publications that cause high activity. It is necessary to understand what is exciting to your audience and what topics will attract them to achieve this. However, if you are interested in having ads on your website, you need to know that UGC may lead Google to remove them. Even conservative websites are not protected from this.

2. Pages of insufficient quality

These are those pages that are practically not indexed. These include, for example, cards in online stores, pages of aggregator sites, and pages that are automatically generated for low-frequency and micro-low-frequency queries. It also comprises pages with low-quality copyright or generally empty, duplicates of existing pages, those without a price or product if it is an online store, or with non-unique Title/H1 or without Description. Such pages wouldn’t be visible in SERP.

3. Local SEO — Google My Business and Maps

Due to the quarantine and the pandemic, local search has become much more in demand during 2020. People began to search for services close to their place of stay more often. By the way, Google is supporting this trend by encouraging users to help local businesses by ordering services or buying products near them. In this regard, some adjustments were made to the local search.

4. Priority over traffic conversion

Numerous visits and views are a good indicator that gives the search engine a positive signal that the site is developing and the audience likes it. However, a large traffic flow does not always determine the effectiveness of an online resource. It is important to remember the target action that a person should take when visiting the page. It is also essential to monitor the state of the links on the pages. Furthermore, it is a good idea to use the Check My Links extension to learn about all broken links immediately.

5. SEO optimization and website promotion for voice search

In 2020, more than half of Internet searches are conducted through voice, and 27% of users use voice search on their mobile devices on an ongoing basis. This way of searching for information is confidently gaining popularity, and optimization of an online resource for achieving this is a trend of 2021. Voice search is convenient and irreplaceable when a person does not have the time or physical ability to type a request in the browser line.

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  1. This article is helpful. Businesses could use this resource to refine their website optimization, not to mention the importance of Local SEO. Nowadays, more people are more likely to avail services that are near to their location. And with the pandemic, this trend will stay for quite a while.

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