Coronavirus has taken most of the fun out of life. We can’t go out to eat, and we can’t go out to visit pubs, we can’t even meet our friends and families! For couples who don’t live together, this has been an incredibly challenging and difficult time. It’s like you were suddenly pushing into a long-distance relationship despite living a few minutes away from each other.

With the vaccine now being administered all across the country, we can soon look forward to the day when we will be able to meet people again. We can also look forward to the social distancing rules and guidelines being relaxed as the government slowly takes back control over the country and restores normalcy. Till that happens, here are some quaint activities you can do with your special someone. 

Outdoor Activities 

Nature Drives 

There is plenty of opportunity in Maryland to get out and about without seeing another human in sight. Maryland is home to scenic pastures in Patapsco Valley State Park, the Oregon Ridge Nature Center, and the Baltimore County Centre for Maryland Agriculture and Farm Park. These places offer a respite from hiking, instead offering paths where you can enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort of your car. 

Nature Walks 

Hiking and walking along Maryland’s beautiful countryside is an experience that’s hard to beat. If you’re fed up with being cooped up in your house, explore Maryland’s Ladew Topiary Gardens and the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal on foot. Carry a picnic basket to make it into a romantic brunch under the shade of picturesque trees. Alternatively, you could break out your mountain bike and ride along the Loch Raven Reservoir for a more intense exercise session.

Fun Outdoor Activities 

Are you bored of what nature has to offer? Check out Legends of the For in Maryland, which is an innovative take on a traditional haunted house. Instead of walking through it, you can drive through it. If COVID-safety precautions are your top priority, this experience is hard to beat at just $25 a pop. You could also explore the gigantic 8-acre corn maze at the intersection of MD Route 175 and Gambrills Road. Another fun activity you could opt for is visiting Larriland farm, where you can pick your own vegetables for the week. 

Online Activities 

Run a Race 

A race in the virtual world sounds silly, but these are an excellent way to get off the couch. These races typically involve pulling information from your activity tracker to verify your speed and distance. This is a perfect option for competitive couples in areas with stricter COVID rules. Many races are organized for charity events, so you get the satisfaction of helping those less fortunate than you too. Races are also a great way to meet people and end the isolation that a lot of us are feeling right now. 

Visit a Psychic 

When you’re so tired of being locked up that you ask for spiritual intervention, you and your partner should visit a psychic. Visiting a psychic is a fun yet romantic activity to do with your loved one, and you can broach topics of serious commitment like marriage in there too. Check out Kasamba’s top psychics and reviews to find the perfect match for your relationship. You might gain profound insight into your relationship, your partner, and where your relationship is headed. 

Take Dance or Fitness Classes

Gyms are closed, and we are going out as little as possible to ensure everyone’s safety. This hasn’t, unfortunately, put a stop to how much we are eating. Lockdown has made nearly everyone gain weight. Since we see the light at the end of the tunnel now, it is time to get up and moving. Having a fitness buddy helps you stick to your routine and persist in your endeavor. Sign up for online fitness classes with your partner, and you’ll have a way to spend time with each other every week. 

Virtual Date Night 

Not everyone is in a position to go out or take online classes. Lockdown has shown us that working from home means that you’re doing more work and for longer. Many couples end up without time to spend with each other. Instead of neglecting your relationship, you should take out time weekly or monthly to go on virtual dates. You can watch movies in tandem or cook a meal on video calls. These are things you probably do already, but adding the video call means you get to spend some quality time with your partner.

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