The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) invites the public to join in welcoming author, journalist, and travel writer Adam Karlin as its Connections Literary Series guest on Feb. 18 for an afternoon of readings and discussion on Zoom. The 1 p.m. virtual event is free.

CSM welcomes author, journalist and travel writer Adam Karlin to its Connections Literary Series.

After growing up in St. Mary’s County, he began exploring the world, working as a bartender in Australia, editor in Thailand and Laos, correspondent in India and Sri Lanka, and a bouncer in the Florida Keys.

Along the way, he has written on travel, crime, politics, archaeology, and civil wars – both contemporary and historical – for outlets like the BBC, NPR, and Christian Science Monitor. He is also a regular author for Lonely Planet, where he has contributed to dozens of guidebooks, covering an alphabetical spread that ranges from the Andaman Islands to the Zimbabwe Border and every continent barring Antarctica.

His essays and articles have featured in multiple non-fiction anthologies, including “The Places We’ve Been: Field Reports from Travelers Under 35,” and “Inheriting the War: Poetry and Prose by Descendants of Vietnam Veterans and Refugees.” His recent article “Welcome to the Land” was listed as notable in The Best American Travel Writing- 2020:

He has completed an MFA in Fiction Writing at the University of New Orleans, where he won the Gulf Coast Association of Creative Writing Teachers’ first place graduate fiction award, the Ernest & Shirley Svenson Award for Fiction, and was a semi-finalist for American Short Fiction’s Halifax Ranch Prize. He also has an MA in International Studies from the School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London.

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