LEONARDTOWN,MDIn the aftermath of recent storms, clear sidewalks are a safety priority. The St. Marys County Sidewalk Snow Removal Ordinance requiresproperty owners whose sidewalk is adjacent to a public sidewalk to clear snow and ice within 72 hours after the end of the storm. If a snowplow, vehicle or machine deposits snow, ice or other frozen precipitation onto the sidewalk adjacent to the property, the sidewalk must be cleared within 72 hours after the deposit.

If the snow, ice or other frozen precipitation cannot be removed entirely, home and business owners must apply sand, abrasives, salt or de­icing chemicals to make the sidewalk passable. To avoid additional safety concerns, please don’t shovel ice or snow from sidewalks into roadways.

To see the St. Mary’s County Sidewalk Snow Removal Ordinance, please visit https://go.boarddocs.com/md/stmarysco/Board.nsf/files/9XUL7B520B1F/$file/Ordinance%20(Snow%20Removal)%20(rev)-signed.pdf.

For information, please call the Department of Public Works & Transportation at (301) 475-4200, ext. 3527

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