Rick Norris of Rick’s Jewelers has renewed the “Ring for the Queen” Challenge for 2021 to make it 17 years strong. This is one of the most unique and innovative programs ever held for the ET Racers at MDIR. A certified full one-carat ladies diamond solitaire ring (with a retail value of $9,600) is once again up for grabs in the 1320 Fabrication ET Series – which is open for any racer to win in Top, Mod, and Junior Dragster

The challenge requires 6 Diamond Points to win. The cost of a certified full one-carat diamond solitaire ring has increased significantly over the last 10 years and Rick’s Jewelers has not cut back on this awesome ring in any way. A ring will be awarded each year. Should no one collect 6 Diamond Points before the last points race of the season the ring will be awarded to the racer with the most Diamond Points. If there is a tie of two or more racers with the most Diamond Points, then the points Tie Breaker system will be used to determine the winner.

Here’s how the program works. Every time a racer is perfect on either end of the track (.000 reaction time or dead on the dial with a zero) he/she will earn a Diamond Point. The first racer to earn 6 Diamond Points gets the ring – it’s that simple. So wives and girlfriends, get those guys to MDIR and tell them that YOU want that one-carat diamond solitaire ring. Or better yet, get behind the wheel and win it all by yourself. The diamond is already selected, in a vault for safekeeping, and just waiting on you. The Rick’s Jewelers’ “Ring for the Queen” is just another gem in the 1320 Fabrication ET series and another reason why MDIR is the place to race. Please be sure to thank Rick Norris at Rick’s Jewelers (located in California, MD) for his involvement in the 1320 Fabrication ET Series.

For more details on the program and a list of winners go to: http://ow.ly/uPag50DALdZ

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