February 17, 2021 (Chesapeake Beach, MD)-We are expecting more inclement weather in our area early tomorrow morning, February 18, 2021. Due to the expected weather, residents are asked to place their recycling on the curb tonight for early collection tomorrow morning. Please be sure not to place your containers in the street as this will prevent snow plowing. If conditions deteriorate and collection is not possible, we will provide further notice as to when to expect containers to be collected. 

As a reminder, the Department of Public Works again asks for your patience and your help to ensure the safety of residents.

Limit cars parked on the street: Every car that can be put in a driveway and kept off the street helps us with our snowplow efforts. One car can make a big difference. Our main goal during any snow event is to keep the major streets open and work towards less traveled back streets when possible. Our priority is to have roads open for First Responders during the weather event. When the event is over or has slowed, we can fine-tune and widen roads and clean up intersections.

Sidewalks: We will try to keep at least one side of the street open. Our major sidewalks are along State Highways and when the State comes back to widen their roads this covers our sidewalks with snow again. We will open all sidewalks when it is safe and possible to do so.

Driveways: If you plan to shovel out your driveway, it is suggested that you wait to do the last several feet that abut the road until Town crews have made the final pass to widen roads for trash and mail service. Keep in mind there is no way to prevent snow plows from pushing snow back into your driveway when clearing roadways. Also keep in mind the driver of that truck has not been home in more than 24 hours, is tired, and is focused on accessibility to keep residents safe. 

Please be safe and stay off the roads unless it is truly necessary. Your efforts will help Public Works, Police, EMS/Fire, and all others that must be out there and cannot be home.

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