UPDATE 11:00 am- The Southern Maryland Chronicle has spoken to Charles County Volunteer Fire and Emergency Medical Services PIO William Smith regarding the crash. The pilot experienced mechanical issues and did not think he could make it to Maryland Airport for a safe landing. PIO Smith states there were no fuel leaks while the plane was flying. HAZMAT did stay on-site to clean fuel spilled after the crash.

The pilot decided to descend and hit the treetops to bring the plane down as best as he could. The pilot was successful in clipping the treetops, but the trees gave out and the plane crashed. There were two individuals on board, a male and female, both walked away.

La Plata, MD 10:45 a.m.- This morning, a small plane crashed near the 6200 block of Bumpy Oak Road in La Plata, MD. Video from WJLA ABC 7 News shows the plan to be a single-engle, fixed-wing plane. The video shows both wings badly damaged with the tail also damaged. The plane crashed in a wooded area not far off Bumpy Oak Road.

Google maps show that the crash area is less than a mile from Maryland Airport. The airport is home to Wide Wings Aviation, although there is no known relation at this time to the crash and the company.

Initial reports suggest there may have been a fuel leak. Units on the scene report there were two passengers but both were outside of the plane and conscious when they arrived.

This is a developing story…

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