The time has come to kiss NFL games goodbye for a few months, as Tom Brady and the Buccaneers wrapped up the 2021 season nicely with a historic Championship win in the NFC South. However, the post-season is often the time where fans and management can take a step back and evaluate which special playmakers are most likely to bring their city a new chance at victory.

In Maryland specifically, many football followers have their hopes set on the Washington Football team to do just that. As players enjoy their time off before summer training camp begins, let’s take a look at some of the organization’s greatest movers and shakers that fans should know about.

Taylor Heinicke

Although many fans are familiar with Alex Smith, Washington’s starting quarterback, Taylor Heinicke may be coming to the forefront later this season. The backup QB has already started successfully in a matchup against the Buccaneers where he managed to throw for a whopping 306 yards. This stat alone proves that Heinicke has what it takes to lead the team to new heights.

Especially since Smith is now rumored to be traded from Washington, it’s time for the emergency QB to step up to the plate and take the reins. In fact, top NFL betting odds already present the team as favorites to be an NFC East Futures winner. There’s no doubt that Heinicke’s fresh presence on the field will make this a reality. The player recently signed a 2 year contract with the organization so fans can look forward to the security of having a promising star on their side.

Chase Young

Drafted from Ohio State just last year, Chase Young transformed Washington’s defensive line in an extremely short amount of time. In his rookie season he managed to garner enough attention to become a defensive player of the month, an award that is rarely given to such new teammates.

Young’s elite athleticism and stature allow him to possess a confidence that is all his own. His competitive edge is obvious to opponents and they dare stop him when he’s on a roll. When it comes to blocking, initiating fumbles, and overall intimidating the competition, Young is the smoking gun Washington has been hoping for.

The Washington Football team competes at their home stadium, FedEx Field, located in Landover, Maryland

Daron Payne

Another superstar for Washington’s defensive line, Daron Payne has a knack for getting underneath opponent’s skin and forcing them to give up the ball. With expert guidance from seasoned defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, Payne has already shown he has the ability to push Washington to success this next season. Although he still has room to grow, the Alabama alumni is just getting started.

Terry McLaurin

Terry McLaurin was a 76thpick by Washington when he was drafted back in 2019, but the dynamic player has made his way up the ranks since then with his masterful playmaking abilities. The wide receiver is able to catch balls from every angle, weaving and sprinting his way past opponents and into the endzone. His rookie season led under head coach Bill Callahan was extremely prolific, but surely the best is yet to come for McLaurin.

McLaurin’s dominancy allows him to make important receptions that turn into game-winning touchdowns. Washington needs a tight offensive unit if they want to make waves this upcoming season and by the looks of things so far, the 25-year-old powerhouse will be the leader of it.

Logan Thomas

So far we’ve seen quarterback Alex Smith work effortlessly with Logan Thomas to make big plays on the field. The tight end is a whopping 6 foot 6 inches which allows him to fly over opponents and make impressive catches that help to win games. The combination of Thomas’ stature, speed, and agility make him a promising starter going into next season. He tackles challenges head on and isn’t afraid of putting himself out there. Fans should undoubtedly stay expectant for the tight end to deliver in the future.

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