The marijuana industry has seen a boom in the last few years, and it is largely owing to the fact that recreational marijuana has been made legal in many states throughout America. This has resulted in many products being released, but only one being the most popular; dry herb vaporizers.

This vaping device has been a game-changer for the marijuana industry, and has allowed it to expand it’s reach to a wider audience. Traditional methods of consuming are on the way out, and possibly because of dry herb vaporizers. Here are a few reasons as to why dry herb vaporizers are a boon for the marijuana industry.

There’s a range to choose from

The marijuana and vaporizer industry has exploded in the last few years due to technological advancements and innovative devices. When dry herb vaporizers were first released, they were quite expensive and not something that anyone could just go out and purchase. These days on the other hand, with such a wide variety of dry herb vaporizers available, such as those found on, there’s something to suit anyone’s preference and wallet. Now there are devices for someone who is just starting out, or anyone who considers themselves a connoisseur.

The first type of dry herb vaporizer is the session vaporizer, and essentially allows users to load the marijuana into the oven, select a temperature and then inhale the vapor. These are typically used for when you are sitting down and not expecting to be getting up any time soon.

On-demand vaporizers are the second most popular dry herb vaporizers and have been designed for those on the go. The heating methods in this vaporizer are different, allowing the heat to rise quickly and cool down just as fast, meaning that users can take a few hits without needing to vape all of the herb in the chamber.

The accessories market is big

With the creation of all these dry herb vaporizers, another market has sprouted which is almost as successful, which is the accessories market. In order to vape marijuana, you would first need to grind it, which would require a grinder. In addition, If you don’t wan to charge your dry herb vaporizer when the battery is flat, there are many stores that sell batteries.

These can be pre-charged, specially designed dry herb vaporizer battery chargers that can recharge multiple batteries at once, allowing users to swap out batteries at any time.

In addition to all of this, there are vaporizer cases, charging cables, funnels, filters, mouthpieces and more. Many people like to customize their dry herb vaporizers which the accessories market is happy to help with, and this has led to many online head shops and physical stores to open, selling only accessories.

It’s healthier

Traditional methods of consuming marijuana are all but being replaced by dry herb vaporizers, not only because of the above listed reasons, but because it is simply healthier.

This is because traditional methods use combustion to heat the marijuana, which releases harmful carcinogens and toxins that are inhaled, as well as when using a joint, the burning paper is being inhaled too. There are many health problems associated with this method, such as heart disease, lung or throat cancer and asthma to name a few.

Dry herb vaporizers avoid all of this by using a completely different heating method. This is possible because the temperature that marijuana is heated at is much lower than that of combustion, and can be manually set by the user. Not only does this mean that harmful toxins and carcinogens aren’t released, the herb itself isn’t wasted and the terpenes that provide flavor aren’t destroyed. This results in a cleaner, more focused and flavorful experience.

There are additional benefits

Aside from the various health benefits that dry herb vaporizers provide, there are many additional benefits too. One of the most popular reasons that people have stated is that it is discreet, since the devices are relatively small, can be concealed easily, don’t leave behind a pungent smell, and the vapor doesn’t cling to clothes or other materials.

Another benefit, depending on the device that you have, is that it can store a lot of marijuana, added with a long battery life, and the result is the ability to be able to vape whenever and wherever you are. Desktop vaporizers are also stated as the best method for sharing, since it can hold a large amount of herb.

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