St. Mary’s College of Maryland has partnered with Verto Education, to offer a study-abroad program that combines the classroom experience with expeditions, hands-on projects, and service-learning for first-year students.

Prospective first-year students to St. Mary’s College who participate in this “gap year without the gap” would begin their studies overseas, earn academic credits, and graduate on time without having to complete another admission process.

“This program is the perfect fit for St. Mary’s College and our prospective first-year students,” said David Hautanen Jr., vice president for enrollment management. “Our students are global citizens ready to challenge themselves and the world. In fact, pre-pandemic, more than 40 percent of our students studied abroad as part of our signature Honors College Promise. By participating in this program, first-year students will get a head start on this important educational experience.”

Verto’s goal is to “revolutionize higher education and make international experiences a core part of the college experience.” Verto offers campus semesters in Milan, Italy; Madrid, Spain; and London, England; field semesters in Costa Rica, South Pacific and Hawaiian Islands; and also, a year-long program that offers credit-bearing coursework while engaging in rich cultural immersion experiences.

Students who are interesting in spending their first semester or year abroad should apply directly to Verto Education and select St. Mary’s College of Maryland as the partner college for admission.

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