Dusty is a perfect gentleman! He is a well-mannered and VERY handsome 8-year-old boy. Dusty walks well on a leash, stopping to greet other dogs or to retrieve messages from the trees he passes along the way.

Dusty loves playing in the fenced backyard sniffing, exploring, and running zoomies. He loves a good beagle zoomie! When his foster dad whistles he comes flying in from the yard hoping for a treat. Dusty is not one to turn down a good treat.

Dusty was born to be pampered and spoiled! Days filled with tasty treats, ear scratches, belly rubs, and massages are what he dreams of in his forever home. Dusty is finishing up his vetting and will be ready for his forever home very soon too.

Please follow this link http://brsmbeagles.org/brsm_ms/vIndividualCurrentDog.aspx?dogid=69893 to read the most current information about Dusty.

If you are interested in adopting Dusty or another beagle send us a message: icanhelp@beaglemaryland.org.

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