Calvert County Behavioral Health recently launched Calvert Crisis Response, a comprehensive mobile crisis team (MCT) available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to provide immediate, onsite crisis intervention and debriefing services.   

Developed with the assistance of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, Calvert Crisis Response is dispatched to emergency behavioral health calls in an effort to de-escalate these crises and immediately connect individuals to a team of trained professionals. “Being able to intervene in the midst of a crisis allows our team to be effective at the most critical time, providing the exact resources needed at the exact time they are needed. Working in tandem with local law enforcement on these calls allows each of our agencies to focus on what we do best, avoiding tying up valuable resources that can be better utilized elsewhere,” said Denise Dickerson, clinical supervisor of Calvert Crisis Response.  

The Calvert Crisis Response team, which includes a medical provider, a therapist, and a peer recovery specialist, helps to streamline access to behavioral health services, as well as provide same-day treatment for opioid misuse.  

“We have had an instant buy in from Sheriff’s Office Deputies.  The first few days MCT was activated, they collaborated with Deputies on a variety of scenes from domestic disputes to disorderly calls. The ability to have MCT simultaneously dispatched to active calls is unique not only the region, but the United States. The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office has more than doubled their Crisis Intervention Team and Mental Health First Aid trained Deputies over the last six years. We have collaborated with many state and local organizations, but lacked a real time 247/365 response obtaining services for citizens in need. Sheriff Mike Evans and the Calvert County Detention Center have been advocates for mental health and improved criminal justice services for years. Although we have committed time and training towards mental health and de-escalation, we have not been able to offer long term care solutions. Thankfully, Calvert County Behavioral Health was able to receive funding to assist us with a more empathetic approach. It is the hope of the Sheriff’s Office that MCT will allow us to better serve the citizens in our community,” said Cpl. Nick DeFelice, Sheriff’s Office Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator.   

Case management services are initiated to help individuals engage in treatment and decrease the likelihood of future crises. MCT can be accessed through a dedicated hotline at 1-877-467-5628 or

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