Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) has guidelines and procedures for the early entrance of children to kindergarten. Maryland law requires students who are five years old on or before Sept. 1 to be enrolled in kindergarten. Parents of children who turn five years old between Sept. 2, 2021, and Oct. 15, 2021, can apply for early entrance to kindergarten for their child during the 2021-2022 school year.  

The link for the early entrance to kindergarten application will be posted 8 a.m. on Monday, March 29, on the CCPS website here. The application is an electronic Microsoft Forms document. CCPS staff will contact parents who complete an application to request required documents including a birth certificate and two proofs of domicile (residency). A list of CCPS required proofs of domicile are posted on the school system website.

To be considered for early admission to kindergarten, children must demonstrate exceptional ability in social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Potential early admission students are tested by CCPS staff using an hour-long assessment that covers a broad range of school readiness skills, including language, pre-reading, and mathematics. Children must demonstrate superior performance in both pre-reading and mathematics to qualify for early entrance to kindergarten. CCPS staff will contact parents to schedule the assessment. Children are only assessed once. Parents will receive their child’s assessment results by mail within two weeks of the assessment date.  

Students who are admitted early to kindergarten are provisionally placed and observed for a 30-day period at the start of the school year. Acceptance does not guarantee continuation in kindergarten beyond the 30-day period. Students who do not qualify for early admission to kindergarten are not automatically placed in the prekindergarten program. Parents must still apply for prekindergarten if their child does not qualify for early kindergarten entrance.  

Parents interested in applying for early kindergarten admission for their child should read the information posted on the school system website. The guide details the application process.  

Applications must be submitted between March 29, 2021, and June 15, 2021. Families who move to Charles County after the June 15, 2021, deadline can still apply for a child to attend kindergarten as an early entrance student, but must submit the request by July 31, 2021. Parents must provide documentation of the move-in date.  

Parents with questions about the process should contact the CCPS Office of Early Childhood Education at 301-934-7332.

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