It’s safe to say that interest in golf betting is booming. Not only are existing fans keen to bet on their favorite player, but golf is also experiencing interest from a new, tech-savvy, younger audience. They can’t help but have a flutter on their phone while on the go.

People love betting, or specifically, the chance to bet small and win big. Golf is a sport that allows this to happen, and it’s great fun. Companies are latching on to the trend, releasing their own apps. Something which the PGA and European Tour have even done.

Ever Fancied Betting on your Favourite Golfer?

You’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know before looking at the 2021 Masters odds and placing your first ever bet.

Use your Head, not your Heart, when Placing Bets

If you choose your heart over your head when betting, chances are you won’t earn much money. To achieve substantial winnings, you need to develop a good knowledge of the sport. Plus, automatically choosing the top players with the best odds is not always the best approach. Like with football, it’s understandable that a supporter will always be loyal by betting on their team. In short, with golf betting, it’s usually best to choose winners with the most significant odds. Just remember that this won’t always work.

Don’t Jump in Blind. Instead, Understand your Odds

It’s fair to say that the highest odds players are usually best to bet on in golf. However, this is not always the case. Odds are sometimes unfairly allocated to the best golfers in the world. The reality could be that a top player simply hasn’t performed that well lately on specific courses. Yet, bookies know that the most popular bets tend to be the short priced ones. Let’s demonstrate this with an example. Assuming Rory McIlroy enters twenty-two tournaments this year, someone bets £5 each way, spending £220 over the year. If he happens to win every time, the better is £1,276 better off. However, the chance of this happening is questionable. In fact, if he only wins twice, you’ll receive £36. There are times when you may win big due to betting big rather than merely following the advertised odds.

Top Players aren’t Always Winners. Review all the Odds

We’ll start by saying that players with odds as low as 100/1 frequently win on the PGA and European Tour. In other words, it’s wise to do your research to find high odds winners. A starting point would be to look at results from past courses and spotting trends with certain players. One great example is Luke Donald at the RBC Heritage. Despite having odds of 60/1, he eventually came in second. This was because the course seemed to have all the things he favored, like small greens and plenty of bunkers (Donald is renowned for recovering well from sand). In short, good research demonstrates that Luke Donald would perform well.

Learn all the Different Ways to Bet on Golf

If you don’t bet on the right market in golf, you can quickly lose lots of money. Here’s a quick rundown of the main ways you can bet in golf.

  1. Outright Winner. In short, you have to choose the winner to get a return.
  2. Each Way. Two separate bets are made, one to win, the other on placing. Some bookies pay part of the odds if the player finishes in the top 5 or even 6. However, few go up to seven.
  3. Top 5 Finish. This only pays for one-quarter of the odds rather than for being a complete winner. However, it’s cheaper than other types of bet.
  4. First Round Leader. You win if the chosen player happens to be in the lead after completing their first round.
  5. Group Betting (2 or 3 Balls). Players are grouped either in twos or threes in each round. The market then compares the players.
  6. Match Betting. Choose between a pair of players. The one you’d expect to perform better.
  7. Make the Cut. Chance to predict which player will make the cut. Best for accumulators.

If you’ve Never Bet on Golf Before, the Masters Could be your Perfect Opportunity!

Perhaps you’re wondering why. First, it’s one of the best and most prestigious sporting events globally, starting way back in 1933 and delighting crowds of fans ever since with a range of quirky traditions.

As one of the best sporting events, it attracts only the best golfers. The tournament, which attracts nationwide coverage, is a qualifier for other events. This year, Bryson DeChambeau is the number one favorite, followed by Xander Schauffele and Brooks Koepka with odds of 12/1. Following from here, Tyrrell Hatton is also one to consider, with reasonable odds of 22/1.

Everything you Should Know Before Placing your First Masters Bet

While placing your first ever bet on a tournament like the Masters, doing this can be equally thrilling, especially if you encounter a nice win! Follow these four tips for the ultimate betting success.

  1. If you’re unsure who to bet on, choose a player with the best odds. Never just rely on ‘gut feeling’ as this isn’t a replacement for good betting knowledge.
  2. While betting on a short-priced favorite sometimes works, it’s not a sound long-term approach. Set your sights higher so you can win bigger.
  3. Not all odds are accurate, so do your research and don’t be afraid to choose lower-ranking players.
  4. Learn about the different kinds of bets you can make.

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