CHESTERTOWN, Md. – The St. Mary’s College of Maryland women’s rowing team took on both Washington College and Adrian College this afternoon (Apr. 3) in Chestertown, Md. for their second race of the season.

How it Happened

  • With a new lineup and boat class, the second varsity 4 Seahawks, were able to pull off a victory against Adrian. The Bulldogs finished with a time of 8:16.70 behind the Seahawks who finished with 8:05.58. The Seahawks competing in the Varsity 4 race, fell just behind the Bulldogs clocking times of 8:00.29 and 7:48.47 respectively. 
  • Against Washington College, the varsity 8 were aggressive to start against the defending conference champions but ultimately fell behind in the second half of the race. The Seahawks finished only 15 seconds behind the Shorewomen with 7:24.12, compared to their time of 7:09.46.
  • Washington College took the last two races from St. Mary’s College in the second varsity 8 and the novice 4. The second varsity 8 for the Shorewomen finished at 7:36.89 compared to the Seahawks time, 8:52.06.
  • In the novice 4 race, the Seahawks fell behind the Shorewomen by 55 seconds with finishing times of 8:29.69 and 9:24.81 respectively. 
Credit: Anna Lindgren-Streicher / St. Mary's College of Maryland

Seahawks Boats Lineups

Women’s Varsity 4 (vs. Adrian):

Coxswain: Erin Lanham
Stroke: Emily Frieman
3:  Colette Nortman
2: Elena League
Bow: Emma McNesby

Women’s 2nd Varsity 4 (vs. Adrian):

Coxswain: Molly Liberman
Stroke: Annika Drilling
3: Tess Ovington
2: Meara Johnson
Bow: Gabriela Plummer

Women’s Varsity 8 (vs. Washington College):

Coxswain: Erin Lanham
Stroke: Emily Frieman
7: Colette Nortman
6: Sydney West
5: Tori Wertin
4: Elena League
3: Emma McNesby
2: Lillian Stein
Bow: Nicolette Iacona

Women’s 2nd Varsity 8 (vs. Washington College):

Coxswain: Kenzie Zamora
Stroke: Annika Drilling
7: Tess Ovington
6: Meara Johnson
5: Gabriela Plummer
4: Maddy Adams
3: Lily Riesett
2: Bridget Robey
Bow: Maggie Bennett

Women’s Novice 4

Coxswain: Gladis VanGessel-Everts
Stroke: Greta Michels
3: Melissa LaCross
2: Madeline Lager
Bow: Isabella Woel-Popovich

Up Next for the Seahawks

  • April 17 vs. Catholic | TBD | The James P. Muldoon River Center and the Teddy Turner Waterfront

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