LEONARDTOWN, MD – The Department of Emergency Services is pleased to announce the installation of a United States Geological Survey (USGS) gage height and precipitation monitor on McIntosh Run in Leonardtown. “This will provide real-time data that is essential to situational awareness and early warning notifications,” said Director Steve Walker. The monitoring equipment will provide data on water level and precipitation on McIntosh Run.

The USGS Water Resources Mission Area provides water information that is fundamental to the protection of life and property and national and local economic well-being. Public and private users use data from the network for various applications, such as the following:

1. Planning, designing, operating, and maintaining the nation’s multipurpose water management systems.

2. Issuing flood warnings to protect lives and reduce property damage.

3. Designing highways and bridges.

4. Mapping floodplains.

5. Monitoring environmental conditions and protecting aquatic habitats.

6. Protecting water quality and regulating pollutant discharges.

7. Managing water rights and transboundary water issues.

8. Education and research.

9. Recreational uses.

Each of the nine categories of uses listed above has a range of users, data uses and beneficiaries of the data. Each category provides benefits – either direct, indirect, tangible or intangible.

Citizens can view current conditions and sign up for alerts for McIntosh Run at https://waterdata.usgs.gov/monitoring-location/01661350/#parameterCode=00065

Other monitoring sites in St. Mary’s County:

St. Clements Creek near Clements –


St. Mary’s River at Great Mills –


St. George Creek at Straits Point


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