Business owners and entrepreneurs have always had immense faith in Apple devices, and for good enough reasons. The security offered by iPhones and MacBooks is something that comes in quite handy for businesses that have to deal with boatloads of sensitive information every day. Plus, macOS also has the reputation of working without any significant glitches, something that other operating systems cannot fathom. Therefore, if you have a business to take care of or any project that you would want to finish in as little time as possible, consider switching to an Apple device. In this article, we shall talk about a few Mac and iOS apps that businesses of every scale and entrepreneurs can make use of to ease the burden of their work and make it more seamless.

There is a lot that you can do with your Apple devices. You can learn how to watch apple tv on mac as well as bring in more efficiency to your business. That said, some of you might already know of these apps. However, for the uninitiated and those who are just making a switch to the macOS, this might be just the article that you need to read today!

Spark for Your Emails:

As an entrepreneur, you might have to deal with thousands of emails every day and sort them out based on the value they offer to you. However, you do not have all the time in the world to sit through your emails and reply to the ones that you deem fit. You need a quick solution to this issue. The app Spark comes as a rescue and helps you sort and rank your emails. You can use the app to filter your emails into personal, newsletter, notifications and the like, and effortlessly so. Plus, the app also sends in a notification whenever an important email comes in. This way, you can easily reply and read through the notifications that have some value to offer to you and cut down on the rest of the distractions. Besides allowing you the option of syncing your mail across every Apple device, Spark also provides you with the option of responding to emails with a generic response, in case you wanted to save your time.

Pocket to Save Important Webpages for Later:

More often than not, you might need to read through and refer to several articles to go about creating content at work. It is not possible to read everything all at once or even remember where you had seen the article or resource. iOS’s Pocket saves the day right at this point and helps you save articles that you might need to refer to later. Businesses, especially the ones that depend on content creation and blog posts, need to read a lot and refer to them too. Pocket has a Chrome extension that you can install and save the articles, links and various other resources that you stumble upon during work to read later. If you do not use Chrome, where you can install the extension, you can also mail the pages to a Pocket email address. Pocket also helps you organize your stories and web pages using tags so that you can refer to them quickly.

Concur for Expense Management:

Businesses have several accounts to manage and expenses to track. As such, it is incredibly important to use tools and apps that can help make the process of tracking expenses easy and comfortable. Concur is a great tool that businesses that use Apple devices can consider using for this purpose. The tool helps business owners reimburse money to their employees and also keep track of the receipts. Users that use the tool can take a picture of the receipts and upload them to the platform. Concur, for the most part, is a free app. However, business owners might need to subscribe to the app to access all the features. One downside to the app is that it does not sync with your Mac or other Apple devices. However, you can always access it from your laptop.

Tide to Be at Your Productive Best:

Tide is that one app that you need to have access to if you are to stay at your productive best. The app helps you stay productive by not just breaking up the tasks that you have for the day but also by reminding you to take walks, short breaks and freshen yourself up. Tide keeps track of your time. It notifies you of how much time you are spending on each task so that you can manage your work and stay at the top of your projects. You can customize the app to suit your needs and work habits. It shall also pique your interest to know that the app comes with a few natural sounds to help you stay focused at work. Therefore, if productivity, especially now that we are in the middle of a pandemic, has been a nagging issue for you, you might want to use this app.

In a Nutshell:

There are several apps that you can use on your iPhone, iPad and MacBooks to run your business better and keep track of your work. However, it is crucial that you do some research and figure out the ones that work the best for you and your project. The apps and tools that we have mentioned in this article are some of the best, and you can try using them, especially now that most of us have to work and run our businesses from home.

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