ST. MARY’S CITY, Md. – The St. Mary’s College of Maryland women’s rowing team hosted Catholic University this afternoon (Apr 17) for their last regular-season race of the 2021 season.

How it Happened

  • The conditions this afternoon on the St. Mary’s River presented an 8 mph headwind and an outgoing tide. Both the Varsity 8 and Novice 8 Seahawk racers walked away victorious this afternoon. The Varsity 8 finished 8:21.83, just five seconds ahead of the Cardinals who came in at 8:26.73. 
  • The Seahawks representing Novice 8 finished more than one minute ahead of the Cardinals. St. Mary’s College finished in 9:14.69 while Catholic crossed the finish line at 10:18.12. 
  • The Cardinals were only victorious in the Varsity 4 this afternoon. Their time was 10:34.64, compared to the Seahawks who finished at 11:15.02. At the end of the day, the Seahawks honored graduating senior, Elena League
Credit: Bill Wood / St. Mary's College of Maryland

Seahawks Boat Lineups

Women’s Varsity 8+

Coxswain: Erin Lanham
Stroke: Emily Frieman
7: Colette Nortman
6: Sydney West
5: Tori Wertin
4: Annika Drilling
3: Emma McNesby
2: Elena League
1: Nicolette Iacona
Women’s Varsity 4+

Coxswain: Gladis VanGessel-Everts
Stroke: Lilly Stein
3: Kenzie Zamora
2: Maddy Adams
1: Maggie Bennett

Women’s Novice 8+

Coxswain: Raina Crew
Stroke: Greta Michels
7: Tess Ovington
6: Meara Johnson
5: Gabriela Plummer
4: Melissa LaCross
3: Lily Riesette
2: Madeline Lager
1: Isabella Woel-Popovitch

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