Barstow Elementary School Teacher of the Year: Kristen Johnson

From Principal Michelle Ward: Kristen Johnson is that teacher. She is the one that you want your youngest learners to have because she welcomes and includes them in learning from the beginning to the end of their day. She provides multiple means of accessing the curriculum in fun and engaging ways. She personalizes their learning, giving them just what they need when they need it. She’s the teacher that is always ready to try something new, do something differently, and accept the challenge of things never done before.

Kristen Johnson is the teacher that parents trust to advocate for their students and work alongside them. She educates and trains parents in how best to support the learning of their students.

Kristen Johnson is the colleague that collaborates with you, shares materials and resources, supports you through your toughest days, and celebrates your accomplishments.

Kristen Johnson is the teacher leader that leans into difficult conversations, problem solves school issues with administration, and supports the school community as a whole.

Kristen Johnson has dedicated 19 years to education. She began her career at Dowell Elementary in 2002 teaching ISLE and moved to Plum Point Elementary in 2007. She opened Barstow Elementary in 2008 as a special education teacher and has remained a valued staff member since then. She currently teaches the virtual PreK program for the county, which supports special education and general education students from six schools.

When not teaching, Kristen Johnson is busy supporting BaES and CCPS by facilitating trainings, writing curriculum, organizing and presenting at parent nights, and planning community outreach events. We are not sure she ever sleeps!

Kristen Johnson is that teacher, which is why we are proud to have her as our Barstow Elementary Teacher of the Year. Congratulations!

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