Cindy Rudell

From Principal Marcie Hough: Cindy Rudell has worked for CCPS for the past thirteen years, and she has consistently proven to be creative in finding ways to make sure that all students are recognized as artists through her meaningful and differentiated activities.

Since the start of the pandemic, Cindy has had the unique challenge of teaching art in an online format for students who have had limited access to materials and technology. Cindy has gone above and beyond to provide materials to students, find creative and alternative ways for students to participate in virtual classes, and most notably, offered up her time over and above her required class time to help and assist students in completing art projects.

She has worked through difficult and frustrating moments and explored a great deal of new technology in order to find ways for all students to participate in art activities.

Cindy’s dedication to her subject as well as to the students is unmatched, and that is why Calvert Country School has selected her as Teacher of the Year.

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