From Principal Mike Shisler: Mr. Holland has been a building service worker (BSW) at Beach for 13 years. He was a BSW sub from 2001-2005. Then he was hired as a 4-hour BSW at HHS, prior to becoming full-time at Beach.

Like the rest of his BSW crew members at Beach, Mr. Holland is a “no-drama” team player. Our school depends on what they do for us every single day: cleaning classrooms, restrooms, cafeteria, hallways, gym, offices, and other instructional areas. They make it possible for our Beach staff and our Beach kids to work and learn every day in a super clean and safe school.

That is even more true in this pandemic year when more frequent cleaning and sanitizing have been added to their BSW duties. Mr. Holland does his daily duties quickly and efficiently, and with dignity. As does the rest of his BSW crew, he will complete any task, fill any need, and do it with smiles and laughter and a frequent dose of intra-team teasing.

Beach Elementary is a “Great Place for Kids” because of the dedication of staff members like Mr. Jerald Holland.

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