From Principal Jason Patton: For those of you who know Nocola, you will understand her passion for Bees.

No…not the letter B but the insect. Dr. Williams has an enthusiasm for educating children about the benefits of bees and the impact they have on our environment. Dr. Williams submitted an impressive grant application to be considered by the Calvert County School Foundation to install an observation beehive for students at Dowell and across the county to learn from.

Unfortunately, her proposal was not approved because of the current pandemic, but that did not deter her. Dr. Williams continued her passion by writing two children’s books about bees, one narrative nonfiction, and one fictional companion. In addition to the children’s books, she has even composed a song about bees. This form of commitment and dedication to teaching and learning goes well beyond her love of honeybees.

Dr. Williams dedicates so much of her time to the improvement of all aspects of Dowell Elementary. As an educator of 30 years, Dr. Williams has not wavered in her love of teaching and enthusiasm for learning, and she is constantly seeking out resources to pique the interests of her young learners. Dr. Williams approaches her daily lessons with the interest of her students in mind and strives to actively engage her students in meaningful, relevant, and rigorous lessons. Dowell is lucky to have someone that is caring, compassionate, inspiring, student-centered, and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure student success.

We are fortunate to have Dr. Williams as our queen bee and appreciate all she does for the students, staff, and community members.

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