From Principal Shelly Amstutz: Mr. Jefferson was submitted as our Educational Support Professional of the Year Honoree because of the enormous amount of support he provides his students and the staff here at MCMS.

Mr. Jefferson has taken over as a social studies teacher since the beginning of the year and has taught the curriculum with fidelity and in a manner that engages all of his students. On a weekly basis, the administration receives accolades for Mr. Jefferson’s teaching. He has embraced planning this year not only with his team here at MCMS but with teachers across the county.

He fully participates in all planning and 7th-grade activities, while continuing to pursue his degree. Mr. Jefferson works tirelessly to make sure that the students understand the assignments and to be prepared each day. He has developed significant relationships with students, making them engage more in lessons.

Mr. Jefferson is an integral part of our staff and one of the most positive people I have had the pleasure to meet.

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