From Principal Carrie Akins: Dedicated. Always learning. Great team member. Extremely hard-working. Compassionate. These are a few qualities of – an exemplary TEACHER and NURSE – and truly Jennifer Rachic is both. If you or I can say that we have mastered just one profession, we may feel accomplished. But Mrs. Rachic has mastered two.

If one wants to see excellence in instructional practice on display, then they only need to stop by Mrs. Rachic’s class. From collaborative groups to skillful integration of technology in a truly student-led classroom, Mrs. Rachic displays these techniques daily and so much more.

Mrs. Rachic is truly a gifted educator who not only skillfully and consistently inspires her students to want to continue in the field of medicine and healthcare, but also to simply reach for the stars. After spending two years working with Mrs. Rachic, I have learned not to try and tell her “no” if she is trying to do something for her students. She cares so deeply for her students that “no” or “can’t” aren’t even in her vocabulary. There is nothing that comes between Mrs. Rachic’s students and success, no matter the circumstances. Whether the barriers are those of the expected demands of a rigorous program such as the Academy of Health or the demands of virtual learning,

Mrs. Rachic keeps on going with infinite persistence until every student has completed the goal. She routinely achieves the highest possible percentages of student pass rates for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA), and Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) certifications. But it’s not just about meeting the program standards and certifying students.

Mrs. Rachic’s students gain so much more as she gives so much to each one of them. Her students leave with not only incredibly professional skills, but also the ability to collaborate at the highest levels, the ability to communicate in the most professional manner, and a confidence that comes from not only plenty of practice but also from a teacher who always makes sure they know she believes in each of them.

Not only does Mrs. Rachic pour into her students, but she gives so much to our school. She is the organizer of our yearly student end-of-year celebration ceremony to recognize our students and the chair of our Student Recognition Committee. She’s a member of our Equity and School Improvement Teams and helps prepare students for SkillsUSA competitions. Mrs. Rachic’s favorite phrase for our school? “I have an idea!” She is always looking for ways to make our whole school a better place – and she does.

Our entire school and I believe our entire education profession, is better because of Jennifer Rachic. It is with distinct gratitude for all she has done that I am so honored to recognize her for all of her accomplishments, contributions, and hard work.

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