Twelve College of Southern Maryland (CSM) nursing students were inducted into the Alpha Delta Nu (ADN) Honor Society, Alpha Omega Chapter, during a virtual online ceremony earlier this month.

CSM nursing students honored at this event included Natalie K. Beers, Emily Blasy, Jenna L.Courville, Kaitlyn P. Culbert, Lauren Marie Edwards, Lynzie M. Farr, Alexis M. Gayon, Emily N. Pipkin, Natasha Tesi, Amanda Ullman, Emily Whetstone and Allison Zollars-Teitelbaum.

The ADN Honor Society recognizes the academic excellence of students pursuing their associate degree in nursing. The society also encourages continuing education as a lifelong professional responsibility. These twelve students completed all membership requirements, including a scholarly project, while continuing to earn top grades in the nursing program.

Nursing student and class Vice President Natalie Beers served as student speaker for the induction, taking time to highlight the students’ joint scholarly project during the April 16 ceremony.

“Within this presentation we went in depth on how to apply for a CNA [Certified Nursing Assistant] license and the possibility of applying for a nurse externship program,” Beers said. “Many of the members that are here tonight are either CNAs or are participating in a nurse externship program. We thought that with the ever-changing pandemic environment it was important for the students to know there were options to perform and enhance their clinical skills.”

The cohort also compiled helpful tools for the presentation that can be shared with other nursing students.

“These tools helped us get the most out of virtual simulations and virtual learning,” Beers said. “We then went into deep detail on how to apply for your CNA license and local hospitals that offer externship programs. We concluded our research with interviews from previous or current students that worked as a CNA or extern and their personal views of the long-term benefits.

“The honor society is something that represents the dedication we have had for the past two years,” Beers said. “Nursing school is a whole different level of difficult and to be able to wear our honor society cord and pin is something I will do with pride on graduation day.”

CSM Professor Annette Ragland, RN, MSN, CNE, was selected by the students to serve as the ceremony’s faculty speaker. She commended the honor students for their hard work and commitment to excellence, despite the extra challenges of the pandemic.

“The process from earning provisional membership to induction reflects the candidate’s commitment to their coursework and the completion of the program,” Ragland said. “This milestone represents the inductees’ commitment to the profession of nursing, hard work, perseverance and excellence. They have maintained the criteria for induction, completed their projects and continued their nursing classes all while juggling life’s demands during this stressful time. These inductees have risen to the challenge.”

In concluding remarks, CSM Professor Dr. Sara I. Cano, acting chair of CSM’s nursing program, shared ideas about excellence in nursing, including the importance of self-care, working as a team, good communication, practicing safety and having a positive attitude.

“Go out there, continue to build excellence by challenging yourself to new heights and show your commitment to the profession of nursing. Congratulations!” Cano said.

Each inductee received a pin and a cord to signify their accomplishment. The pin bears the official crest from Alpha Delta Nu and the cord colors symbolize membership in the honor society with the apricot color for nursing. Both the pin and the cords may be worn on graduation over the graduation regalia.

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