Our Spotlight on the Arts is shining brightly on local photographer Jack Nutter! We were literally star-struck by his work, one can see and experience a pure rawness of emotion and energy reflected in each and every one of his images. We knew we had to learn more!

Jack has loved photography since way back when, about thirty plus years ago now!  At the age of thirteen he received his very first film camera as a gift from his mother. Yes, that would be film – as in point, shoot, and ship off for developing from the local drug store. While patiently waiting for that return envelope (and hoping that at least a few images came out well) Jack would always have his camera with him, ever-ready for the next photo-op, be it of a friend, family member, sunrise or sunset, or just a random “Kodak moment”.

As a teen and photography newbie, Jack’s favorite images to capture were, surprisingly, of clouds. From a young age he has had the gift of seeing things that others often missed. Where one may have looked upwards and have simply observed puffy pillow-like masses amidst blue skies, Jack would often find more than just what the eye could see.

Fast forward to much later and Jack is still taking pictures! Although the film rolls have long ago been left behind, he now totes a much more advanced camera and specializes in action photography as well as thematic portraits, sports images, graduation pictures, nature scenes, and much more.

Often surrounding himself with like-minded creative people, Jack enjoyed (pre-pandemic) attending local venues and large concert events. As our beloved music scene experiences a renaissance, rising from the ashes of COVID restrictions, our featured artist has been there to capture moments of pure joy and excitement from both the audience and performers as the once dark stages finally return to life. Jack has been, and will be, there to capture an amazing rebirth of The Arts for us, one show at a time!

One of his most recent endeavors has been participating in a Facebook live fundraiser on April 23rd, 2021 featuring the Robbie Boothe Band in a virtual concert to benefit Wayne Combs, a St. Mary’s County resident fighting for his life as he courageously battles lymphoma. Jack captured stills of the performance and provided engineering support for the lighting system as well as the smoke machines. He generously donated an almost life-sized framed portrait of Robbie Boothe from one of his first promo shots, which by itself garnered over $500 for the auction!

As one of the area’s most sought after and skilled photographers for promo and cover shots, Jack has a big heart and a kind, easy-going nature which has led him to form many long-standing partnerships with local artists. Outside of his photography business, his greatest joys have been his roles as a father and a husband. Jack relates that his family has been a huge support system and continue to encourage him both personally and professionally which has helped his creativity to flourish.

To this day he still photographs clouds and his current photography set up is still one that was given to him by his mother, which was one of her strong desires before her passing in 2016. Jack’s love and passion for his work, instilled in him and encouraged from a young age, has been the ultimate and most cherished gift left to him.

Thank you Jack for being a valued part of our artistic community, we are looking forward to seeing your work from your next adventures!

“Passion Drives Creativity – we make sure every image we capture is less like a snapshot and more like a visual experience…” – J. Nutter

Learn more about our featured artist at the links below:

Website: https://nutter-photography.com/

Facebook: Nutter Photography

Instagram: @j_nutterphotography

Wayne Combs fundraiser event: https://www.facebook.com/robbieboothemusic/videos/920671441810579/

All photos provided by artist.

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