From Principal Carrie Akins: Where would our school be without Kathy Lisko? Mrs. Lisko is truly the quiet leader of the building, keeping all things flowing easily and efficiently on a daily basis. She regularly makes sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible – often, she solves problems well before they are even problems.

She is the “first face” our visitors see when they come to the building, and she always makes an incredible first impression. She is friendly, warm, and always displays the utmost in professionalism. She is detail-oriented and highly organized. “Multi-tasking” is too simple of a term for all of the things that Mrs. Lisko is able to seamlessly handle simultaneously.

From working with students, answering phones, serving as the first-aid nurse, helping teachers with grade books or attendance or technology issues—she does so much each and every day. Beyond this, she is one of the kindest and most humble people anyone could meet. She goes the “extra mile” for everyone in our school community, whether it’s over the phone or in the building. She constantly seeks to learn new things to continue to grow and improve: she has become our resident Excel expert in addition to so many other things.

It is a true pleasure and honor to be able to recognize Kathy Lisko for all of her hard work in making our school the best it can be each and every day. Our building simply would not be the same without her!

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