From Principal Darrel Prioleau: Mr. James Johnson was chosen as the 2021 Calvert High School Support Professional of the Year by his peers. He does not miss a beat and is on top of all situations that arise at school and in the community. He sets himself apart by stepping up to the plate at the drop of the coin to assist in all matters. James is well respected by all staff and is regularly sought out to lend an ear.

Comments from his peers:

*Mr. Johnson always goes above and beyond for the students in our building. During COVID, Mr. Johnson delivered items to students’ homes when they needed things (materials, food, etc.). He checks on students when there are concerns from administration, he prepared our building for students to enter for the SAT/PSAT and hybrid instruction, and he is always willing to help when a staff member or student needs anything.

*Mr. Johnson’s door is always open. I’m new this year, and he has been very welcoming and helpful. He has taken materials to students without hesitation when I asked. We have discussed each student and made advance plans in case an issue arises.

*Mr. Johnson is a fantastic safety advocate. He is always ready for whatever comes up!

*Mr. Johnson does SO much more than being a safety advocate! Not only is he concerned about the safety of our school, but also the well-being of our students.

We are truly thankful to have Mr. Johnson represent the continued tradition of CAVS pride in having the courage to be responsible, always showing respect, valuing integrity, and continually striving for excellence.

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