Windy Hill Middle School Educational Support Professional of the Year: Jessica Moser

Jessica Moser

From Principal James Kurtz: Jessica Moser is always ready to tackle any task she is assigned to complete. Ms. Moser is eager and has a way to get reluctant students to complete assignments and overcome challenges they may be facing. Ms. Moser supports all students, including some of the most challenging students, who need her TLC the most. One of her colleagues says, “She is a jack of all trades for our school!”

Most recently, Ms. Moser has gone above and beyond, coming into the building during uncertain times to monitor and work with students in the Internet Café. Ms. Moser has a positive disposition and is a supportive, hardworking team player. Ms. Moser is also very adept at taking ideas and helping put together plans and programs to support children. Another interesting fact about Ms. Moser is that she also spends many of her evenings working with children by teaching them dance.

Most importantly and in summary, Ms. Moser is a person who cares about the welfare and wellbeing of ALL children, and this attitude shines through in all she does on a daily basis to support students in Calvert County Public Schools.

From Principal James Kurtz: Mrs. Reid is AMAZING. Mrs. Reid is a team player and is always willing to help others with any challenge that may arise. She will share resources and goes above and beyond to make sure her students are successful. She does this in the classroom during a typical year and continues to do so virtually.

Mrs. Reid goes above and beyond to support ALL students and is labeled by her co-workers as a TEAM player!

Windy Hill Middle School Teacher of the Year: Caitlin Reid

Caitlin Reid

Students who have Mrs. Reid as a teacher love her class. Mrs. Reid plans and delivers interactive lessons that are engaging and informative. Mrs. Reid goes above and beyond for students who need additional support. Mrs. Reid recognizes the importance of making accommodations and meeting students at their level but does this while maintaining rigorous instruction and holding high expectations for every child! Mrs. Reid is in constant contact with her students and their families. As one of her colleagues puts it, “She is a ROCK STAR teacher!”

Additionally, Mrs. Reid has contributed many hours to the development and coordination of History Fair, as well as leading county-wide staff development sessions for virtual social studies instruction. Since the pandemic began, Mrs. Reid has presented “technology tips” to the WHMS staff on multiple occasions.

Lastly, those of you who know Mrs. Reid know she is a gentle, quiet, jovial, reserved person of high character. WHMS is very lucky to have her.

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