The Duke and Duchess of Charles are a 12-year-old senior bonded pair ISO their together forever home. They love to go for walks and explore their foster mom’s fenced backyard.

A nicely balanced pair, The Duke sniffs the air for incoming while the Duchess sniffs for messages on the ground. The Duchess is incredibly happy and usually on the go. Everything is a joy for her. She is eager to get that walk going. 

The Duke, a laid-back, agreeable kind of guy rolls with the flow and gets his daily exercise in while enjoying the scenery along the way. After a nice walk, it’s nap time. They love to curl up together and take quiet naps. Napping or walking, this sweet pair enjoys the company of their foster brother too!

They have finished their vetting and are ISO a relaxing retirement home where they can spend leisurely days going for walks, sniffing, and napping.

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