Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) is expanding the Virtual Academy program next school year for high school students. The program is virtual and managed by staff at the Robert D. Stethem Educational Center. Students must apply and meet minimum criteria to be accepted. Enrollment is not guaranteed.

A video with details about the Virtual Academy program is posted on the school system website here.

Learn more about how students heading into grades 9-12 can stay online for the 2021-22 school year.

Application information

The application form is linked here. Students currently in Grades 8-11 can apply. Interested students must complete the application by Friday, May 28, to be considered for the next school year. Late applications will not be accepted.

Students enrolled in Virtual Academy must participate in the program for the entire school year. Additionally, Virtual Academy students are not eligible to participate in extracurricular activities or sports at their home schools.

The following is the minimum criteria. Data provided on the application form is from the 2020-21 school year.

  • Fifteen or fewer unexcused absences.
  • At least a 2.0 GPA.

Virtual Academy is optional for students who are self-motivated and independent learners. Students interested in this program may include but are not limited to juniors who wish to graduate early, seniors needing four or fewer credits, students with school anxiety, students who require a flexible schedule to meet individual needs or any student who prefers a nontraditional school setting.

Virtual Academy program format

Virtual Academy students complete assigned work through the digital platform APEX Learning. Students are expected to work a total of five hours daily, four days a week, with 90 minutes per day of live instruction through Zoom in Synergy.

Students in the Virtual Academy will be enrolled in two courses per quarter which will allow the student to earn a total of eight credits per school year. Students will need to provide transportation to their home school for all scheduled state assessments.

Students with an Individualized Educational Program (IEP), 504 plan, or English Learners (ELs) plan may be required to attend in-person learning at the Virtual Academy. All other students will work from a remote location.

The Virtual Academy will offer students a limited menu of classes that will provide one path to graduation (World Language completer). Students will receive their report cards and diplomas through their home schools. Virtual Academy students cannot participate in sports or extracurricular activities (i.e., clubs, marching band, drama, etc.). However, students may attend homecoming dances and prom, and extracurricular activities as a spectator.

Students enrolled in the Virtual Academy must agree to remain for the completion of the school year. Students may transfer to their home school the following school year.

Parents and students with questions about the Virtual Academy should contact Tiffany VanDyke or Brooke Kohlhorst at 301-932-6655 for more information.

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