Getting injured in a motorcycle accident can disrupt your life. Not only may you have to deal with severe injuries in the wake of the accident, but you will also likely have to find a way to pay the mounting medical bills, lost time from work, and other expenses. Getting a fair injury claim settlement is paramount to returning to normal life and recovering quickly.  

Get Medical Attention Immediately

See a doctor immediately after the accident. The longer you wait, the less evidence you will have of your injuries. This will interfere with your ability to get fair compensation when all is said and done. Ideally, it would help if you went to an ER near the accident scene. If you don’t, see your doctor as soon as possible after the crash.  

Just the Facts 

Only talk to the police about your perception of what happened in the crash. Don’t speculate on what the other driver was doing. Be honest in your statements and stick to the facts. Do not exaggerate.  

Make Notes About the Scene 

If you are badly injured, appoint someone else to make notes about the accident scene. What were the weather conditions? Were there any hard-to-spot hazards on the road? Where was the traffic light or stop sign located? These facts will help your case later, so take photos, make notes, and record all the important details.  

Keep all of Your Medical Appointments 

Don’t skip medical appointments. You will need clear documentation of your injuries and treatment, so you need to stay updated on these appointments. Do not discuss your plans to file a lawsuit with your doctor. Your doctor’s notes can become part of your case, so discussing with your doctor about a potential lawsuit could be used against you in settlement talks.  

Stay Away from Social Media 

Don’t tell Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about your accident. Even seemingly innocent posts can be used against you in settlement negotiations. Insurance companies will definitely do their research on you, and they will use anything you say against you.

If you have photos of yourself doing risky things on your bike, they could be using this bit of info against you to protect their bottom lines as well. As soon as you get into an accident, make your profiles private and go radio silent about your experience.  

Don’t Talk to Insurance Company Reps 

Call your lawyer if the insurance company calls you for questioning. They sometimes ask accident victims to describe what happened in the accident simply. They will use the info you gave them against you in court to avoid paying your claim. If the insurance company wants to talk, have a lawyer to do it for you.  

Never Admit Fault 

If a traffic offense spurred part of the accident, don’t plead guilty to it until you have talked to a lawyer. The insurance company can use this admission of guilt as evidence that you were at fault. Call your attorney before you enter a plea.  

Keep Track of Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses 

Keep receipts, invoices, and bills of all the expenses related to the accident. This way, you can make sure that you get all the money you are entitled to. Many motorcycle accident victims get less compensation than they are due simply because they are unable to bring proof of all their accident-related expenses. 

Get an Attorney 

Personal injury cases are hard to win because insurance companies usually pull out all of the stops to avoid paying the claim in full. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you will need an experienced lawyer on your side to fight your case.

Not surprisingly, most motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent or distracted drivers who haven’t learned to share the road with motorcycle riders. So, before hitting the road, it is a good idea to learn all potential causes of motorcycle crashes since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Read more about what causes motorcycle accidents today.

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