On Thursday, May 27, 2021 numerous employees of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office were awarded for excellence and exemplary achievements during 2020. We are proud to present those awards recipients: 

Deputy Sheriff of the Year: Deputy Andrew Burgess 

Captain David Yingling and Deputy Andrew Burgess

Correctional Officer of the Year: Corporal Earl Young 

Major Michael Merican and Cpl. Earl Young

Professional Staff Member of the Year: Tyler Ferrari, Property Specialist 

Major Merican and Tyler Ferrari

Law Enforcement Rookie of the Year: Deputy John Gardiner 

Major Merican and Deputy John Gardiner

Corrections Rookie of the Year: CO Devin Absher

Major Merican and CO Devin Absher

Sgt. Nolan Scully Memorial NCO Award: Sgt. Scott Ruest 

Major Merican, Sgt. Scott Ruest and Ruth Scully

Purple Heart: Deputy First Class Carl Ball 

Major Merican and DFC Carl Ball

Bronze Medal of Valor: DFC Carl Ball and Deputy Dylan Glenn 

Major Merican, Deputy Glenn and DFC Ball

Distinguished Service: Reverend Larry Crabtree, Sheriff’s Office Chaplain 

Major Merican and Rev. Larry Crabtree
Captain Steven Hall and Rev. Crabtree


  • Deputy Andrew Burgess,
  • Haley Squires,
  • Lt. Eva Jones                   
  • Cpl. Timothy White                    
  • Cpl. David Corcoran and DFC Andrew Budd                    
  • CO Dayvon West                    
  • DFC Daniel Holdsworth                   
  • Cpl. William Ray and Cpl. Brian Connelly                    
  • Deputy Burgess 

Meritorious Action: Dr. Meena Brewster and Dr. J. Scott Smith, Superintendent of St. Mary’s County Public School 

  • Sgt. William Raddatz and Cpl. Sheena Tirpak 
  • DFC David Lawrence 
  • Sgt. Cory Ellis 
  • Cpl. Angela Delozier 
  • Deputy Dianne Hersh 
  •  Cpl. Timothy Snyder 
  •  Deputy Robert Chase

Youth Gun Violence Task Force Team Award: Sgt. David Alexander, Cpl. Christopher Beyer, Cpl. Shaun Carberry, Kelly Castle, Cpl. Jaime Davis, Cpl. Blaine Gaskill, Cpl. Andrew Holton, Cpl. Glen Knott, Cpl. Dustin McClure, Cpl. Gerard Muschette, Cpl. Vincent Pontorno, Cpl. William Ray, Cpl. William Rishel and Cpl. Timothy Snyder 

Crime Lab Team Award: Technicians Jessica Barnard, Carleigh Ruleman, Megan Roberts, Stacey Hancock and Greg Butterfield 

Patrol Squad 2B Team Award: Cpl. Alvin Beishline, DFC Andrew Budd, Cpl. Brian Connelly, Lt. Kenneth Cusic, Sgt. Cory Ellis, Deputy Dianne Hersh, Cpl. Steven Kerby, Sgt. Joshua Krum, DFC David Lawrence, Deputy Michael Myers, Deputy Benjamin Raley, Deputy Bianca Salas, Deputy Max Schell, Cpl. Dale Smith, Deputy Alexander Wynnyk and Deputy Michael Walker 

Major Merican, Deputy Bianca Salas, Deputy Dianne Hersh and Lt. Kenneth Cusic


David Koenig, Sgt. William Raddatz, Margaret Baroniak, Jeff McLane and Cpl. Joseph Somerville Jr.

Service Awards

40 years: 
        Sheriff Tim Cameron 
35 years: 

Major Merican and Lt. Kenneth Cusic

30 years: 

Officer William Baker, Capt. Richard Gray, Officer Saraha Norris and Capt. Edward Willenborg

25 years: 

Major Merican and Cpl. Somerville

20 years:                 

Kelly Castle, Crime Analyst 
Sgt. Todd Fleenor
Darryl Greb, Property Specialist 
Cpl. John Kirkner 
Cpl. Gray Maloy 
Cpl. Elizabeth O’Connor 
Lt. Bonnie Payne 

15 years: 

Susie Selzer, Classification Specialist, and Melissa Murphy, Validation Coordinator

DFC Matthew Beyer, DFC Andrew Budd, Deputy Andrew Burgess, Kelly Crosby, CO Joshua Crow, Kathryn Dykhuis, DFC David Lawrence, Deputy Christopher Palmer, Deputy Benjamin Raley, Megan Roberts, CFC Jonathan Rosado, Deputy Michael Rycyzyn, Cpl. Lacey Smith, Cpl. Timothy Snyder, Deputy Tyler Westphal, Bridget Wimberly, Deputy Travis Wimberly, and Deputy Alexander Wynnyk 

Sheriff’s Salute

CO Devin Absher, Medic Amy Adkins, Jessica Barnard, Cpl. Dannette Barrow, Charlotte Beall, Sgt. Sebije Boyd, Stacey Buckler, Cpl. William Buckler, Cheryl Chalk, Sean Dennis, Cpl. Melissa Dodson, CO Erik Fleenor, Cpl. Brandon Foor, Lt. Michael Gardiner, Cpl. Melissa Green, Lt. Eva Jones, CFC Bradley Kirscht, Ashley Knight, Cpl. Michael Labanowski Jr., DFC David Lawrence, CO Saraha Norris, Susan Oliver, Cpl. Catherine Poole, Medic Erin Quick, Cpl. Luis Ramos Dompenciel, CO Michael Schmidt, DFC Dale Smith, Cpl. Lacey Smith, Lolita Summers, CFC Alexander Tasciotti, CFC Dale Wade, CO Jordan Wagner, CO Matthew Whitley, Bridget Wimberly, and Cpl. Earl Young 

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