If you are a traveler and you are thinking of a trip to Maryland, then visiting Southern Maryland could be the best place for you. You can visit historical landmarks, museums, natural lands, games, and many things to explore here. With this article, we would like to share some of the best places in Southern Maryland that you can visit.

Visit Historic St. Mary’s City

St. Mary’s City was the capital of Maryland 300 years ago, so you can imagine what intact history this city possesses. In 1633, almost 60 years before Annapolis get replaced as Maryland’s capital, colonists from England established a colony at Old Point Comfort, and the colony was named St. Mary’s City.

Now this region is popular among the visitors. You can also visit Port Tobacco, which was once the second-largest port in Maryland. Now when you come here, don’t forget to explore the archeological excavations. You will like traveling back to the time. When you would leave the town, you will definitely feel charmed by the history of the region.

Find a Thrill at the Maryland International Raceway

Along with historical places, you will also get to see the international raceway here. If the noise of engines soothes your ear, then Maryland International Raceway is your place. It is situated in Mechanicsville, and the track consistently has an assortment of racing events. You may get to enjoy car shows, biker fests, and energizing showdowns.

Before taking a trip to Southern Maryland, you can check the schedule on its website and arrange your tour accordingly. Don’t forget to take your earplugs in your bags. Make plans between March to November as in this period, and events are organized almost every day.

Tour the Calvert Marine Museum

On your next trip to Southern Maryland, you should not miss the Calvert Marine Museum situated in Solomons. It is one of the best places to stop by who wants to get familiar with the region. It is ideal for all ages as the place is loaded up with amazing and appealing displays, including an adored river otter grandstand.

You need to start your day early as possible as you would have many things to see here. Maritime History Gallery, Wood Carving Shops, and Marsh Walk, you will be amazed by these things.

Discover Jefferson Patterson Park

As we said in the introduction, the natural beauties of this place are also amazing. At Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, you will witness one of the most amazing sunsets of your life. For amazing views over the Patuxent River, and you will find archeological excavation, hiking trails, and of course, the Native American Village Museum.

This is among those places in Southern Maryland which would require a whole day. You can bring the entire family to have a fantastic picnic. You can also go on a walk to become familiar with the historical backdrop of this place, including the populaces that used to work here. Now before you make a plan to visit here, make sure to pack sunscreen in your bag. There are also chances of getting acquainted with mosquitos, so packing a spray would also be required.

Visit Casinos for A Night Out

The nightlife of Southern Maryland may not be as appealing as Las Vegas and New York, but you would not be disappointed with the casinos that this region offers. There are several amazing casinos that you can explore at MGM National Harbor, Live! Casino & Hotel and Ocean Downs are among the must-visit places here. If you think you can make a poker faceand know the basics of the various casino games, you can make a decent profit here.

However, you need to know the rules of the games and how they work. Plus, your aim should be to have fun rather than spending money carelessly to earn more. If you don’t make a proper bankroll management plan, you can ruin your budget so, act accordingly.

Catch a Baseball Game

Along with casinos, you can also enjoy the game of baseball here in the summer. The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs does not disappoint at all. Over 65 games are played in the home every season. It is a member of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball. You will have a lot of fun if you are into sports and especially in baseball. Most games are organized at Regency Furniture Stadium.

Explore the Wineries Along the Patuxent Trail

In Southern Maryland, the best way to spend an afternoon is to visit Patuxent Trail. A dazzling water stream fringes the rural roadway, yet your eyes will likely be on the whites and reds rather than blues.

It doesn’t require visiting Napa Valley or Tuscany to discover a locale loaded with ravishing, full-bodied wines. A visitor can essentially begin toward one side of the trail and continue as long as he wants. You should not miss visiting Running Hare Vineyard, Cove Point Winery, and Friday Creek Winery.

Tour Point Lookout Lighthouse

One of the most beautiful places in the whole state is where the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay meets. You will discover here Point Lookout State Park, which was an active Union station during Civil War. Today, this region is perhaps the most popular and valued place in Southern Maryland. You can enjoy beautiful beaches and Point Look Out Lighthouse. If you are adventure enough, you can also enjoy outdooractivities like hiking, rock climbing, or biking.

You will find a few campsites in the park along with lodges and cabins, so you can consider a weekend trip here. Thus, you will have an amazing experience here.


When you are here and ready to explore the hidden beauty and the history, Southern Maryland will not disappoint you. There are many places and things to do in the region that are even unfamiliar to the locals. Apart from the things mentioned above, there are lots of things to do. You just need to pack your things in your bags and curiosity in your eyes to begin the new adventurous trip here.

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