Are you thinking about changing up the way you market your business or brand and have no idea what you should be doing? Have you thought about making use of Instagram as a marketing tool but aren’t too sure how to do this or how to navigate the platform?

Instagram is an amazing marketing tool for businesses and start-ups. It’s a fantastic platform to promote your business with pictures and videos that tell a story about you. If you want to make sure that people know what your business is all about then Instagram is the way to go!

Instagram is a social media platform that has over a billion active monthly users and is a place where so many people choose to share their lives through videos and photos. It is also a great marketing tool because of its many different features such as stories, geotags, hashtags, and the ability to click on links in posts. Marketing on Instagram may seem easy but there is a lot to learn if you want to do it effectively. If you have never marketed on Instagram before, here is everything you need to know.

Engage with users

By far, one of the most important factors when it comes to Instagram marketing, or rather just social media marketing in general, is that you need to receive as much engagement as possible. Engagement from other users is how you can gauge your success on the platform and grow your account. However, you can just expect engagement to come to you.

The best way for your account to receive the engagement it needs is by engaging yourself. When you engage with others, it encourages them to engage back. There are so many different ways in which you can engage with users on Instagram. You can respond to direct messages, reply to comments on your content, like and share other users’ content, or even follow other users that you would like to follow you.

Use ads and services

If you are using Instagram as a marketing tool for your business and to have a bit of money set aside for marketing or have a budget that you can spend on marketing then you could try out one of the features that you actually have to pay for on Instagram; advertising. Although it is still more expensive than the completely free marketing you could do without paying for. Instagram Ads are a way that you can quickly reach a target audience without too much effort because your content will be pushed to a niche audience without any extra effort from you.

If you are still wanting to grow your account and market organically, you could try out a service like AmpYa to get real Instagram followers. This is an organic Instagram growth service that will help you grow your Instagram account and grow your followers.

Collect user generated content

Marketing on Instagram can be difficult, especially if you are starting from scratch and don’t have any kind of following just yet. However, once you get the ball rolling and have a few followers, it is very easy to make use of user-generated content and get others to basically do your marketing for you.

Essentially what user-generated content is, is content that helps you account, but is not created by you, it is created by your audience instead. This may sound complicated by in fact it is very simple. There are so many ways in which you can get user-generated content, but some of the most popular methods include creating hashtag challenges where people have to complete a challenge that you have set out with your business in mind. You could also do giveaways where users have to share your posts with other users or share them to their stories for more people to see. This is a fantastic way to get much more brand awareness.

Post consistently

By far one of the best ways to market your brand on Instagram and get the most out of your marketing is to post consistently. This comes in two forms. Posting consistently means that you should be posting at the same times every day and keeping up with your account, but also means that your content should all look like it’s from the same account and all follow a theme and design. With consistent content, your audience can have a better idea as to what to expect from you, and it is a great practice to do for more followers on Instagram.

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