Lexington Park, MD- Bradley Boulevard in Lexington Park was the place to be Saturday afternoon for some of the most action-packed amateur boxing Southern Maryland has to offer. Just the second of many more South Atlantic Association Olympic-style boxing to come at the Willows Recreation Center.

Knowledge Boxing Center of Great Mills, sanction holder hosted its Will to Win 3 with 14 closely matched bouts.

Daryl Hinmon, owner of KBC said he, coach John Richardson and coach Reggie Farmer were proud of his team’s performance.

“The mantra for our competitive team is ‘pride in preparation, honor in battle’ and I think their actions in that ring Saturday reflected that.”

Maryland Delegate Brian Crosby (D) attended the event with his wife.

“It was pretty awesome just returning back from the pandemic and to see that many people motivated and into it,” Crosby said. “There were a lot of people that I talked to that weren’t necessarily into boxing but just wanted to go to support Daryl [Hinmon]. Daryl has a leadership style that people gravitate to.

“I thought it was an amazing event and it’s good for tourism. We had people from Wilmington, Delaware, and Washington D.C., not only here for the event but to stop and eat on the way home some got hotel rooms. Daryl hosting this event brought in real money to this area and that’s what we want. We want leaders like that.”

Crosby said it’s ironic how a sport such as boxing, which takes a great deal of courage is what got the community back. Hinmon is aiming to host another boxing match at the end of summer if all goes as planned. Some of his team will be participating in the Golden Gloves match-up.

“All of those fighters had to be disciplined and trained hard,” Crosby said. “They had to put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. It’s very similar to what we went through during the pandemic. We had to be disciplined to wear our masks and practice social distancing and to put all these checks in place to make sure we were safe and practice good health standards to then get vaccinated, so it’s taken some courage for us all to get reacquainted with some normalcy.”

The talk around the ring at the beginning of the day was about the 42-year-old mom of three from California; Kristen Wallace who took on teammate, Shanika Queen who stepped up at the last minute to give Wallace her first fight in front of a crowd.

“I’ve been training for a while and was definitely mentally and physically ready,” Wallace said. “In the second round, I felt very strong, going into the third round I knew I wanted to focus more on calculating my reactions and keep my mind calm rather than just be on full offense the entire fight.”

Wallace says she’s in the best shape of her life and is more confident and graceful than ever. She aspires to fight in Atlanta, Boston, and possibly Vegas but she’ll fight anywhere against a good opponent.

When the eyes weren’t on the matches themselves, folks could shake a hand with now gym owner, trainer, and professional boxer, Dusty Hernandez Harrison (34-0-1).

Harrison opened a gym entitled Round 15 with a longtime friend on Stamp Road in Temple Hills last year.

“My dad changed a lot of lives in the gym that he had opened (Old School Boxing), and I’m trying to re-create that.” Hernandez Harrison said on a live video on DCMikeTV.

Hernandez Harrison, a Thomas Stone graduate became the youngest professional fighter at age 17 and is now the USBA Welterweight champion after defeating Thomas LaManna in Philadelphia, Pa. His last fight was in August of 2020, a KO over Les Sherrington held at the Tysons Playground in Vienna, Va.

In the third match-up of the afternoon Saturday, Drayce King of Knowledge Boxing defeated Round 15’s Mike Lloyd in the 95-pound novice bout. King defeated Stasek Drozdowski (Knockout Boxing) at Will to Win 2 on May 1 at the WRC.

Malcolm Williams (Knowledge Boxing Center) took care of Drozdowski Saturday in a very tough battle. Drozdowski pushed through but it just wasn’t enough for the judges.

Harrison’s fighter John Paredes did capture a win after intermission in the 132-pound bout against Ahmad Shaban (Tyson’s City Boxing). Will to Win 2 was also good to Paredes as he picked up a win over Patrick Stoute.

Fan favorite, D’lante Briscoe (KBC) took on Tyrike Johnson (#11 Overcomers) in a 165-pound novice division.

Briscoe said there’s no greater feeling than to fight in front of the home crowd.

“The love and energy make it all worth it,” Briscoe said. “We give it all we have during training and we let our hard work show in the ring. I feel like the flow went well; I’ll have to go back and watch film to see what I can do to improve my skill set. My coaches laid out the game plan and I stuck with it and we received the outcome we were looking for.”

Briscoe said he established his jab early on and that was ultimately the deciding factor.

“Much love and respect to my opponent. He was a very worthy competitor.” Briscoe said.

Great Mills graduate, Marlin Smith (KBC) closed out the night against Tyquawn Johnson (5th District) in the 125-pound open bout.

Smith, now with nine fights in the books said his motivation for fighting and training is because he’s a competitive person.

“It’s also me always feeling like I had something to prove to people when I was younger,” Smith said. “I felt very prepared going into my bout. I felt like I controlled the fight very well. The third round was my strongest round and to pull out the win I studied and calculated my opponent very well.”

All Bout Matches and Winner:

  • 65 lb. Open Brandon Henderson Jr. (5th District) def. Steven Mason (Last Round)
  • 105 lb. Malcolm Williams (Knowledge Boxing Center) def. Stasek Drozdowski (Knockout Boxing)
  • 95 lb. Drayce King (KBC) def. Mike Lloyd (Round 15)
  • 141 lb. Jacob Thomas (Ground Control) def. Chauncey Rogers (Mack Lewis)
  • 165 lb. Marcus Scott (#11 Overcomers) def. Alex Holt (Kicked up Fitness)
  • 178 lb. Phillip Carpenter-Powell (KBC) def. Boaz Gregory (Nye’s Gym)
  • 132 lb. Drew Bey (Hillcrest Heights) def. Tylik Miles (KBC)
  • 132 lb. John Paredes (Round 15) def. Ahmad Shaban (Tyson’s City Boxing)
  • 178 lb. Francis Poulos (Diamonds in the Ruff) def. Karon Pinson (Kicked up Fitness)
  • 201+ lb. Isaiah Branch (Mack Lewis) def. Elijah White (Hillcrest Heights)
  • 165 lb. D’lante Briscoe (KBC) def. Tyrike Johnson (#11 Overcomers)
  • 132 lb. Open Christian Thompson (PGC PAL Untouchables) def. Ye’Shaya Franklin (5th District)
  • 165 lb. Open Tremaine Fuller (KBC) def. Anwar Wingate (Untouchables)
  • 125 lb. Open Marlin Smith (KBC) def. Tyquawn Johnson (5th District)

For more information regarding Knowledge Boxing Center, visit www.knowledgeboxingcenter.com or visit their Facebook page for future updates. A Will to Win 4 in Southern Maryland is being discussed and details will follow.

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