The state of Maryland and FEMA are partnering with the Charles County Health Department to bring vaccinations to the Charles County community through the use of one of their mobile vaccination units.

The mobile vaccination clinic, which is set up in the Bryans Road Shopping Center, will run through Sunday, June 13, with available appointments and walk ups — all in hopes of getting the people of Southern Maryland vaccinated.

“I want to put a shot in the arm of everyone that wants one,” Laura Morgan, the site lead for the mobile vaccination clinic stationed at Bryans Road Shopping Center and representative for FEMA, said.

Bryans Road is just one of several stops made by the mobile clinic, which has been travelling up and down the eastern shore of Maryland since April 2. Previous destinations include Caroline County, Dorchester County, Talbot County and Worcester County.  

“The mobile unit makes it easier for us to go into some of the underserved communities in the area… We can move from point A to point B fairly easily,” Morgan said.  

The mobile vaccination clinic is being operated by a well-trained contingent of FEMA representatives, several members of the Peace Corps and an experienced clinical staff.

“We are proud of our team and the work they’ve done making an impact,” Dr. Nikki Cropper said. Cropper is responsible for the storage and preparation of the vaccinations to be administered at the mobile site.

The vaccinations being housed and administered through the mobile clinic are Moderna and the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccines. For those receiving the Moderna vaccine, the mobile clinic is scheduling the second dose that will be administered at an undetermined location and will be facilitated by the county.

“The county has been a phenomenal partner. They keep us well stocked,” Morgan said.   

The mobile vaccination clinic in Bryans Road is just one of many health initiatives by the Charles County Department of Health to get the residents of Charles County vaccinated.

Clinics have also been set up in schools, fire stations and churches around the county, according to public information officer for the Charles County Department of Health, Linda Warren.

The Charles County Department of Health is providing several vaccination opportunities to the community at several of these types of locations over the next 20 days. These vaccination events are open to the public through pre-registration at the Charles County Health Department’s website or Maryland’s GoVax website, but walk ups are also welcome.

In a region with higher rates of social and economic barriers, the county “wanted to bring vaccinations to [the western part of the Charles County] community to eliminate [some of these] barriers,” a representative for the Charles County Department of Health said.

Recent statistics provided by the Charles County Department of Health show that 55% of the county has received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine and 48% of the county is fully vaccinated as of June 10.

The mobile vaccination clinic at Bryans Road Shopping Center will be available for those with appointments and walk ups on Friday from noon to 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Appointments are accessible through the Charles County Health Department’s website.

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