ANNAPOLIS, MD– In advance of tonight’s regional redistricting meeting, Delegate Kathy Szeliga (R-Harford and Baltimore Counties) has written a letter to the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission members advocating for fair and equal legislative districts.

“I would like to officially advocate for single member House of Delegates’ districts.The current system of one, two, and three member districts certainly violates the one man-one vote principle of our Democratic Republic. Citizens who live in a three member House district get three votes in the House of Delegates. Citizens who live in a single member district only get one vote on bills and issues, as well as only one representative to advocate for them.And the same for those citizens who have two delegates receiving two votes instead of three or one. While single member districts would service citizens most fairly and effectively, the other option would be for all the 141 House districts to be three member districts. It should be consistent, either all single member or all three member.”

“Finally, with technologicaladvances in mapping, I hope the Commission can also reduce the 5% plus and minus variation in district population. Some districts are actually 10% larger or smaller in population than others because of this tool that has been used.The population per district should be as close to exactly equal as possible.”

“Unfortunately, both these issues were used in the last redistricting to gain political advantage for the majority Party as was stated by former Governor Martin O’Malley in a deposition. It’s time to end these practices.  Politicians should not be choosing their voters.  Correcting these blatantly partisan practices should give voters more confidence in Maryland’s elections.”

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