When Ashlie Randolph of Mo’ Betta Brews reconnected with her former Barley’s Angels LV member turned infamous brewmaster Sarah Perez (Bleeding Hearts Brewery, Alaska), and later down the line Tranice Watts (Patuxent Brewing, Maryland), she knew they’d be best brew buds forever.

Through their love of beer and shared experiences, they formed a tight bond that is not unique within members of underrepresented people within craft beer communities searching for guidance, support, and simply put love and appreciation.

Even though these three women were thousands of miles apart – they also had one more thing in common – the determination to ensure they would be able to present their approved 2021 Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) panel discussions…no matter what they needed to do to make it happen. 

As Ashlie, Sarah and Tranice began to plan for their pilgrimage to CBC and pull resources to ensure their attendance, they also began daily chats about their fears of other BIWOC experts not being able to participate at major brew conferences and events.

Enter “Lifting Lucy: A Promise to support BIWOC in Beer”, a campaign that kicks off today to assist BIWOC women in offsetting expenses associated with attending and presenting at the 2021 CBC in Denver, CO this fall, and other future cornerstone industry events. The brew loving trio believes costs and travel expenses associated with BIWOC experts applying to and accepting invitations to present at industry conferences, can deter those who have priceless firsthand knowledge, constructive strategies to take on industry-wide areas for growth, and inspirational narratives.

“An invitation to present at CBC is an opportunity for BIWOC to share our experiences in the craft brewing community alongside our peers. Opportunities such as these pave the way for once-in-a-lifetime education, collaborations, and fellowship,” said Ashlie Randolph. “We are determined to help curb the barriers that keep us all from learning from these most worthy educators, which ultimately diminishes how much we can truly learn from these events,” added Tranice.

They currently have merchandise available here which proudly displays their symbol of the promise they’ve sworn with each other and the greater BIWOC community (such as Beer Is For Everyone). “It is our heart’s desire to lower that bar of entry, even just a little bit, for other women of color who have a love for craft beer and are making a mark within our community,” stated Sarah Perez. 

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