LEONARDTOWN, MD – Summer storms can trigger severe winds, flooding and other hazardous conditions. To be most prepared for the effects of a storm where you live, it is essential to Know Your Zone.

Know Your Zone is an easy tool from the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) to help you determine the storm evacuation zone you live in based on your street address. Knowing your zone will help you avoid unnecessary evacuation travel, thereby reducing highway congestion, easing overcrowding at local storm shelters and boosting public safety.

Visit the MEMA website at https://mema.maryland.gov/Pages/know-your-zone-md.aspx, click the ‘Find Your Zone’ button, enter your address on the map and see your search results.

For more information on being prepared, visit the Department of Emergency Services website at https://www.stmarysmd.com/es/beprepared/.

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