There’s a reason why more coffee shop owners are buying only espresso machines with water softeners. Water softeners help professional machines last longer. When you are doing a very heavy volume of business each and every day, you need all the help you can get. Water softeners are definitely the way to go.

No One Wants Hard Water in Their Espresso

The most pressing reason that you need a water softener is to avoid serving espresso that’s filled with unsavory hard water. Hard water can be filled with all kinds of minerals and other substances that make it taste bad. It can also cause the service life of your espresso machine to be considerably shortened.

The minerals and other substances that cause water to harden will be brought to the surface when the water is boiled to make espresso or other drinks. This puts the bad taste and other ill effects front and center. The message it sends to your customers is that you don’t care enough to keep your machinery clean.

This obviously isn’t the image that you want to project to your customers on a daily basis. The longer it continues, the more likely you are to be driven straight out of business. The solution is to purchase machines that have a water softener included. This will keep your espressos tasty as well as healthy.

How Does a Water Softener Work?

No one needs to serve a stiff, distasteful drink filled with hard water to their customer. It’s practically a way of saying to them that you don’t want their business and never wish to see them again. And if you keep serving up hard water drinks, your wish will be fulfilled since you’ll be out of business soon.

A water softener is a device that strains metals, minerals, and other impure agents from the water that is used to make your drinks. It works by removing the ions that cause your water to become hard and full of these impurities. The result is smooth, pure water that tastes great and is free of harmful agents.

Installing a water softener in your system will allow the unit to filter out all of the ions that can form into hardening agents. The system will work alongside your machine to perform this filtering action. As it does so, it will also clean your pipes, allowing them to remain free of residue that can shorten their life.

The proof will be in the final result. You will be able to hand your customer a perfectly boiled, smooth, and tasty espresso. They will not notice anything unusual or distasteful because no hard water will be present. As a result, they will enjoy their drink and be happy to come back to your shop on another day.

A Water Softener Can Save You Money

The main reason to get a water softener for your business is to avoid selling your customers coffee filled with calcium, magnesium, iron, and other impure agents. These come to the surface, especially when the water is boiled, and go a long way toward ruining the taste of each drink that you serve to a customer.

The next reason to consider getting a water softener is to stay up to date on the mandatory health code that exists for a business in your industry. You don’t want to be shut down for refusing to comply with laws regarding hard water that may exist in your area. This is a public relations disaster you can’t afford.

You should also consider getting a water softener so that your espresso, latte, and cappuccino-making equipment will last longer. Hard water is filled with minerals that leave nasty stains and residue on the pipes and inner workings of your coffee machines. If not cleaned, they can cause your machines to rust.

The Time to Purify Your Water is Now

For all of the reasons listed above and more, it’s definitely time to consider buying espresso machines that contain an inbuilt water softener. It’s the smart move to make on behalf of your customers as well as your business. This is a feature that will keep your machines clean and extend their service life.

You don’t want to be in the position of having to replace your machines on a regular basis. This is a drawback that drains money from your working capital. It also cuts deeply into your profits. You want to keep your overhead as low as possible. The best way to do it is to keep your machines in good working order.

When customers come into your shop, you want to fill their orders and satisfy their thirst. A fresh, piping hot espresso, free of the impurities hard water contains, is the best thing you could serve them. It’s also the best way to build a strong relationship that will earn their trust and profit your business.

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