REISTERSTOWN, Md. (July 14, 2021) — The Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) announced awards of $4 million in federal funding made available through the Recovery for the Economy, Livelihoods, Industries, Entrepreneurs, and Families Act (RELIEF) of 2021. MEMA will distribute these funds to 181 volunteer fire, EMS, and rescue departments throughout the State of Maryland to assist with hardship relief from COVID-19.

With assistance from the Maryland State Firemen’s Association (MSFA), MEMA and the Maryland Military Department advertised the availability of special funding to the volunteer fire and EMS service in each county throughout Maryland. The counties of Allegany (20 applicants), Baltimore (20 applicants), and Frederick (21 applicants) led the state in applications for RELIEF funding and received ~$382,000, ~$390,000, and ~$654,000 respectively.

“This funding provides much-needed financial support to the volunteer fire service for lost revenue as a result of COVID-19 during 2020,” said Russell Strickland, MEMA’s Executive Director.

Of the more than 350 volunteer fire, EMS, and rescue departments, 181 applied for support from the RELIEF Act of 2021. The Maryland General Assembly enacted the RELIEF Act of 2021 to provide needed relief to the volunteer fire service as a result of the loss of fund-raising revenue during the past year. “We are grateful to the Maryland General Assembly and Governor Larry Hogan for helping to make this funding a reality,” Strickland added.

The following is a list and breakdown of the Maryland volunteer fire and EMS departments that applied for and received funding provided pursuant to the RELIEF Fund Act of 2021:

CalvertHuntingtown VFD$17,306.74
4 ApplicationsNorth Beach VFD$58,219.28
$120,572.25 AwardedPrince Frederick VFD$12,511.66
St. Leonard VFD$32,534.57
CharlesBryan’s Road$8,699.74
2 ApplicationsHughesville VFD$7,847.37
$16,547.11 Awarded
St. Mary’sHollywood VFD$39,091.07
5 ApplicationsLeonardtown VFD$9,553.52
$92,264.78 AwardedMechanicsville VFD$6,949.68
Ridge VFD$33,120.50
Second District VFDRS$3,550.00

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