Lenny is a 10-year-old, 25-pound beagle boy ISO his forever home. Lenny is perfect if you want a sweet and easy-going but mildly spicy senior who just wants to add a little zest to your life!

Lenny enjoys the company of his humans. He loves telling you stories that you don’t always understand and he doesn’t mind repeating them :)Lenny loves toys! He loves to carry them around, play with them and hide them. He enjoys the company of his foster brother and sister, going for walks and long naps! Like most beagles, Lenny loves food and gets very excited at mealtime.

He is an all-around great senior beagle boy.  Lenny has been fully vetted and is ready for a human to call his own.

Visit Lenny’s web page where you will find the most up to date information about him http://brsmbeagles.org/brsm_ms/vIndividualCurrentDog.aspx?dogid=69949

If you’re interested in adopting Lenny or another beagle send a message at icanhelp@beaglemaryland.org.

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