Finally, the summer is here and everyone is eager to enjoy the outdoors in the afternoon and in the evening. Indoor activities like playing for anIntertops casino bonusare now on the back burner.

In Maryland, there are many beautiful parks and gardens to visit where you can enjoy a picnic, take the kids to play, or just enjoy a relaxing walk. There is such diversity in the state, you can enjoy a picnic by the beach or the nearby mountains all in the same week. Some of the most popular picnic spots also have restaurants very close by, should you choose to forgo the picnic and instead choose to enjoy a meal there.Below we look at some of themost popular picnic sites in Marylandand see what they have to offer.

Quiet Waters Park, Annapolis, MD

Here you will find the mostincredible views; they will simply take your breath away. At Quiet Waters, there are many spots to sit and have a quiet picnic. You can sit andrelax next to the fountain,choose a gazeboto each your lunch or find a bench located next to one of the playgrounds. All of these spots are wonderful but if you are looking for the view, continue to the end of the park where you will be awed by theviews of Chesapeake Bay. This is a magnificent place to enjoy your picnic lunch, watching the sun glistening on the water and the many boats sailing by.

Patuxent Research Center, Laurel, MD

This is a verysecludedplace to find some relaxation. You can sit by thelarge pondand watch the ducks congregate amidst the trees and other wildlife. It is one of the Park Services premier research facilities and therefore it isprotected land. For this reason, you can enjoyfabulous sceneryand it is a great spot to enjoy a romantic picnic. If you enjoybird watching, bring a picnic and enjoy the sights.

Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center, Dowell, MD

This can be a wonderful family outing. Visiting theart galleryand then enjoying your picnic outside in thesculpture gardenand exploring all the interesting sculptures. They also haveoutdoor concertson a regular basis which are a real treat for the whole family.

Heritage Farm Park, Walkersville, MD

This is a really large park with great open spaces. Heritage Park has a19- hole disc golf coursewhich is a huge attraction for many. There are lots of relaxing and peaceful picnic spots and plenty of space and areas for the whole family toride their bikes.

Millard Tydings Memorial Park, Havre De Grace, MD

Here there are fabulousviews that you can experience from the land or from water. For those withboats it is possible to dock at the marinaand then enjoy a picnic with your family or let the children roam around and play. There is a lovelypromenadethat can be enjoyed by those with or without boats and awaterfront restaurantif you don’t want to picnic.

Rose Hill Manor Park and Children’s Museum, Frederick, MD

The Manor is a fabulous place to visit. It was constructed in 1792 and is a beautiful building with large while pillars and exudessouthern charm. It has beentransformed into a children’s museumso is a great place to visit for the family where thechildren can play and explore inside the building. There are well looked after gardens, full of beautiful flowers, where you can picnic and there are also seating areas which makes it even more comfortable.

Terrapin Beach Park, Stevensville, MD

Terrapin Beach hasgreat views of the Chesapeake and of course, the beach. Just driving over theBay Bridge is an excitingand beautiful experience. Once on the other side, you reach Stevensville which is great for the whole family,including the family dog.There is no entrance feeso you can enjoy your picnic and sit in the sunshine.

William Paca House and Garden, Annapolis, MD

You may well have seen this “picture perfect setting” on the front of a local magazine. It is apopular wedding spot. ThisGeorgian mansion is steeped in historyand a visit will take you back in time. Thegrounds are also incredibly well maintained. William Paca served three terms as governor of Maryland after the state’s declaration of independence was signed and thehouse and gardens certainly exude plenty of opulencewhich reflects that.

Exeter Gardens, Baltimore, MD

Exeter Gardens is anurban oasis. If you are in the city and need a place to relax, enjoy a picnic lunch, perhaps in between meetings, then this could be the perfect spot for you. This is acommunity garden that was developed by the community and it is the community that maintains it.A little peace and quiet in the middle of a busy working day is often just what the doctor ordered.

Great March Park, Cambridge, MD

Great March Park is in agreat location. You can enjoy a lovely picnic lunch in one of the many picnic areas. Be sure totake your fishing equipmentwith you to do some fishing and then later on you can take astroll downtown to Cambridgefor some shopping and then perhaps go for a pint at one of the downtown pubs.

Annapolis City Dock, Annapolis, MD

If you are a people watcher then sitting at Annapolis City Dock is agreat spot for a picnic and people watching.Grab a spotby the water’s edge and watch all the people and boatsas they pass by. Another reason to enjoy a picnic here is that quiteoften there is musical entertainmentwhich makes for an interesting visit.

Veirs Mill Park, Silver Spring, MD

Veryclose to D.C and it has parking, always a bonus. It is a quiet park,quite secludedso you can relax and enjoy your family. There is play equipment for the kids to enjoy. The Parkenjoys a creekwhich makes for a nice stroll where you may get to see some deer plus during the fall the splendid colors of the fall foliage.

Janes Island State Park, Crisfield, MD

Crisfield islocated on the Eastern Shore, on the Bay side so it is not too windy. It is a greatbeach parkwhere you can sit and relax, enjoy your picnic and then do somekayaking. If you bring along your fishing gear you canfish for crab. It is alsopossible to camphere and make it a long weekend, so think ahead and bring your camping gear.

Point Lookout State Park, Scotland, MD

This Park is situatedon the beach with quaint rustic cabins and located at the southern-most tip of Maryland.It is a very rural area and therefore very quiet andsecludedmaking it aperfect area for a swim. Picnicking here is a delight.

Patterson Park, Baltimore, MD.

From the top of the Pagoda in Patterson Park you areable to see all across the city. The Park has asports field, swimming pool and an ice- skating rinkamongst other things so you will not be at a loss for what to do. After a busy sporting- day you can sit and relax and enjoy your picnic.

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