July 29, 2021: The Town of North Beach is pleased to announce that the privately-owned parking lot located at the corner of 5th Street and Chesapeake Avenue will be open to the public in early August.

The lot, which has been owned by RAR Associates since 2002, will be open daily from 6 am to midnight for hourly, daily, or monthly parking options. The paid parking lot will be managed by Harbor View Parking and will include over 175 parking spaces.

According to the owner, the meters installed at the parking lot will accept credit card payments only. The per-vehicle rates are $3.00 per hour, $7.00 per day, or $69.00 per month. Patrons must register their license plate numbers when paying at the meters and display the paid receipt on the dashboard of their vehicle. Monthly parkers will be provided a color-coded tag to be hung from their rear-view mirror.

Questions or concerns may be directed to RAR Associates, or patrons may call the phone number that will be posted at the parking lot. Violators will be subject to towing.

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