From convincing your management to implement a robust learning management system to choosing one with the required features and getting it implemented is a hectic and comparatively long journey you would have gone through. Finally, it is up and running and your team can breathe and focus on better course content creation with a lot of innovation and creativity. 

Your learning management system is like a machine that requires regular maintenance and upgrades. If your team takes care of the same internally, it will start sucking their time, yet might not work as efficiently as it should. The LMS will not run on its own. A dedicated resource, LMS administrator,  with the required skills is the answer to this. 

An LMS administrator will dedicatedly take care of regular maintenance, data reporting, providing users with the right access levels, and other operational performance on a daily basis. Dealing with bugs, updating the courses, maintaining the learner portal, helping in course curation, manage publishings, making updates are some of the core responsibilities that the LMS administrator performs. S/he eventually becomes a helping hand for your team of trainers and one point contact for learners for any technical issue.

Minor things that might not catch up your notice, if not attended promptly might lead to issues and ineffectiveness of the LMS leading to waste to investment. These minor day to day activities that bring dramatic differences and can only be handled by the LMS administrator are:

Service: Day-to-day simple queries like login issues, providing access, etc. will be attended to promptly by the administrator. Prompt resolutions to minor technical glitches faced by trainers and by employees and learners provide a feel-good factor. General communication rollouts can happen without delays and you know the importance and effect of timely communication. Regular updates, customizations, and integration with other internal corporate systems happen seamlessly.

Focus: With the help of a dedicated LMS administrator, your training team is aptly utilized for the task they are hired for. A maintained LMS with good services is a huge support for the training team as their courses run seamlessly providing them and the learner a good learning experience. A well-supported team feels comfortable and stays loyal to the organization reducing the churn rate in the team. In the need of the hour, such a team happily takes up the additional responsibility.

Technical Support: An experienced LMS administrator can easily troubleshoot some of the common technical issues that might occur occasionally. You will not have to depend and wait for the visit of the technical expert to resolve minor technical glitches. User access controls being managed by the administrator will prevent unnecessary access and drastically reduce user errors. While switching to the new platform, their expertise will be of great use for seamless transitioning.

Collaboration: The LMS administrator can act as a collaborator responsible for bringing all the stakeholders together to create and roll out the new online training. Having a common point of contact helps in resolving the issues and challenges together. As the courses today are rolled out on LMS, the ready support will lead to immediate action and prompt resolutions of the issues raises while implementing the same.

Conclusion: Hiring a good LMS administrator can resolve a lot of issues with the wide variety of skillsets the person should have. Additionally, the person must have eye for detail,  sound technical and interpersonal skills, excellent collaboration and communication skills, advanced organizational and time management skills. Of course, an understanding of online teaching and learning is necessary. With the person with the required skills, you can surely take your learning management system to another level. If you are looking for a robust learning management system, you must explore Inquisiq Pricing.

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