Our skin is the one thing that can expose our age and if you do nothing for your skin, you can age significantly which is never a good thing. It is very possible to retain a youthful appearance as you age into your later years however, you will need to start with this in your younger years by setting a routine and adopting healthy habits to protect your skin. If you neglect your skin, some ailments can develop as a result of not taking care of your skin and this article will provide tips to keep your skin from aging.


Face wash is used to cleanse your skin and you must incorporate this into your skincare. You want to use a gentle formula and touch when working on your skin and it is recommended that you use a face wash that contains essential fatty acids so that you hydrate your skin when you wash it. Green tea is also recommended to fight damage caused by free radicals which are compounds that attack cells. When you cleanse, work in a circular motion with a very light hand and avoid aggressive scrubbing because this will irritate sensitive skin and accelerate the aging process. The great thing about the cleanser is that you can find many bundles that include other essentials for a skincare routine, such as the trio pack from Misumi, which comes at a lower price than buying everything separately and gives peace of mind knowing that all your bases are covered. If you neglect face wash, it will have negative impacts on your skin, people with oily skin will start to experience breakouts and those with dry skin will inherit a more dull and dry complexion.

Use sunscreen

The sun is very harsh and damaging so it is vital to regularly use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or above to prevent discoloration, age spots and to keep your skin healthy. When investing in sunscreen, use a more moisturizing sunscreen cream and stay away from sprays that contain alcohol as well as gels that dry out the skin. It is also beneficial to use a sunscreen that contains antioxidants because this protects the collagen in the skin and collagen is the protein that is responsible for keeping our skin youthful and firm. Wearing sunscreen every day will protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays which decreases your risk of skin cancer, wrinkles, and other skin conditions.

Drink water

Drinking a lot of water daily is vital for great skin health. Drinking water improves the skin in many ways including:

  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Prevents pimples and acne
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Improves elasticity
  • Maintains a good PH balance
  • Flushes toxins

Drinking water adds a healthy glow to your skin because it gives you the essential nutrients that your skin cells need and lack of water can cause your skin to lose elasticity which leads to dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and flakiness. Lack of water also causes dehydration which is another reason why we develop dry skin.


It is important to exfoliate weekly because our skin sheds dead skin cells regularly which forms a new layer, and if you don’t exfoliate that layer it results in your complexion looking dull and your skin having rough patches. You want to use a face scrub that has round particles because this causes less irritation. You also want to avoid products that contain microbeads because these pollute the environment and can be ingested by marine life when released into the waterways. Exfoliating regularly prevents clogged pores which will result in fewer breakouts and long-term exfoliating also increases collagen production so your appearance will be more youthful and firm.

Have a total skincare routine

A skincare routine consists of three main steps:

  1. Cleansing, which is the washing of your face.
  2. Toning, which balances the skin.
  3. Moisturizing, which hydrates and softens the skin.

You need to do these three steps twice a day – in the morning and the evening before bed. You can also moisturize your skin with sunscreen which is rich in moisture. Having a skincare routine slows down the signs of aging and keeps the skin looking healthy. A bonus is that your confidence will be boosted.

Taking care of your skin should be a priority. Remember, use face wash, use sunscreen, drink plenty of water, exfoliate weekly, and have a skincare routine to prevent the signs of aging.

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